Floorfy Increases its Real Estate Clients by 50% Since the Start of the Crisis

The start-up, in which Wayra holds a stake, forecasts that the majority of online visits will be made to virtualised properties by 2025.

Floorfy, the startup specialising in tours and virtual reality for real estate companies, in which Wayra Spain – Telefónica’s innovation hub – owns a stake, has increased its real estate clients by 50% since the start of the crisis, according to reports by the company itself.

“Customers have continued to make up to half a million virtual visits, using Floorfy’s technology, which allows buyers and prospective tenants to visit many more properties virtually than they could if they had to physically move around to see them. This solution is already making it possible for rental and sale-purchase contracts to be signed for properties throughout Spain,” say sources from the startup.