Exxacon to Build 1,400 Homes in Spain over the Next 3 Years

29 March 2019 – Ali Market

The Marbella-based property developer Exxacon has been unveiling the details of the real estate developments that it is currently working on. In total, Exxacon is building 27 developments comprising terminated, under construction and planned properties.

Highlights include the upcoming Living Colmenar development in Madrid, its first major development outside of the province of Málaga, comprising 156 homes.

Another high profile project is its Urban Litoral development in Málaga, which will be the first building in the autonomous region of Andalucía to comply with the “Passivhaus” construction standards.

According to the firm’s CEO, Elena Cuberos, “Exxacon will double the number of homes being promoted over the next 3 years to 1,400 homes, which represents an investment of more than €400 million”.

Original story: Ali Market 

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake