Tightened Lending Standards Put Drag on New Developments

8 November 2019 – Developers are complaining of a lack of financing in the sector due to tightened lending standards and the high cost of alternative financing. Spain’s banks are looking to reduce their exposure to the real estate market, at a time when many of them still have extensive amounts of NPLs and REO on their balance sheets. At the same time, alternative financing vehicles often have interest rates reaching up to 10%, making many potential developments economically unviable.

A conference on financing and alternative investment in the real estate sector, organised by the IE Real Estate Club and the Urbanitae real estate investment platform, saw market sources discuss the problems facing the sector.

Developers argued that banks should provide more financing to that they can build the 150,000 homes a year the country requires. Currently, sources say that banks will only extend financing to only the largest developers who can 30% to 40% of the financing using equity. Smaller firms with less access to capital are often unable to get 100% for new developments.

Original Story: Expansión – Carlos Lospitao

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner