Urbania’s Subsidiary, Syllabus, Invests €10M in New Student Residence in Málaga

13 June 2018 – Eje Prime

Syllabus is on a roll and is in the process of preparing its fifth project in Spain. In its latest project, the subsidiary of Urbania is going to build a new hall of residence for students in the historical centre of Málaga, with an investment plan worth €10 million. The asset will have 143 rooms, according to a statement issued by the company.

The company is going to construct the building from scratch and once completed, in 2020, it will have a surface area of 4,600 m2. The property chosen by Syllabus is located at number 12 Calle Cerrojo, very close to Museo Picasso and to Málaga Cathedral.

The hall of residence will have a central courtyard around which the rooms will be distributed, along with study areas, coworking spaces, games rooms, a cafeteria and a gym. Moreover, the asset will have an outdoor recreation area on the roof.

Urbania’s subsidiary, created recently under the leadership of Jeffrey Sújar, has €200 million to invest in halls of residence for students across Europe. The aim of the company is to generate up to 4,000 beds in the continent’s main university cities.

Since starting life, Syllabus now has five sites under development in Spain comprising 1,200 beds in Málaga, Madrid and Valencia. Moreover, it is planning to acquire new assets in other university cities, including Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla and Salamanca.

For its operations in Spain, the company has signed a strategic agreement with an operator that specialises in the student resident market, Mi Casa Inn, which has more than 600 rooms under management.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake

Urbania Raises €300M to Invest in Real Estate

9 May 2018 – Expansión

The residential property developer Urbania is going to invest €300 million over the next two years in homes and student halls of residence. Following a stage during which it has alternated between residential development and the purchase, renovation and sale of buildings, it considers that now is the right time to leave that formula to one side and focus on the development of land right across Spain to construct homes and build halls of residence for students.

To this end, it has divested some of its renovation projects, such as the building located at numbers 329-331 Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, which it has sold to a local family office and an Israeli fund for €35 million.

Currently, Urbania is working with four overseas funds to build more than 2,000 homes all over the country, worth €450 million. The group has structured a new vehicle in which Urbania holds a stake for each one of the four overseas funds with which it works on a regular basis in order to invest up to €100 million in the acquisition of land in the main Spanish cities.

Moreover, Urbania has a budget of €200 million for its student hall of residence division, which it is operating under the Syllabus brand and which it plans to increase from its current volume of 1,500 beds to 4,000 beds.

Original story: Expansión (by Marisa Anglés)

Translation: Carmel Drake