Madrid Wants to Replace Urban Planning Licences with Sworn Declarations

The Community of Madrid is going to begin the process of amending the Land Act, to eliminate most of the urban planning licenses that have been mandatory until now and replace them with sworn declarations.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced on Tuesday that she will abolish urban planning licenses in favour of a sworn declaration, to “reduce the bureaucratic procedures” and “promote flexibility of hours and commercial openings”, in a clear hint not only to housing, but also to the opening of commercial premises.

In this way, the President is following in the footsteps of Madrid City Council, which has also decided to apply this statement as an express option for first occupancy licenses. In fact, the City Council has already created a specific team for this.

Marbella Abolishes the First Occupancy Licence and Replaces it with a Sworn Declaration

In order to collaborate in the economic recovery, the Local Government has approved a template for the sworn statement, which will be presented once the building work has been completed and which will replace the existing first occupancy license.

Following the entry into force of Decree 2/2020 governing the ‘improvement and simplification of the regulations for the promotion of productive activity in Andalucía’, the Government of Marbella has approved a measure to abolish first occupancy licences for new building projects and replace them with a sworn statement that will have immediate effect from its presentation, according to Diario Sur. This measure will affect both new housing and commercial premises.

Félix Romero, a municipal spokesman, explained that first occupancy licenses depend on a complex administrative file that involves the approval of reports that can take months and even years to complete. With the approval of the sworn statement, delivery times will be streamlined significantly.