Stoneweg Invests €50M in Alternative Financing in Spain

12 December 2017 – Eje Prime

Stoneweg is betting on Spain for alternative financing. The Swiss fund, which is headquartered in Geneva and led by the Spaniard Joaquín Castellví, is continuing with its purchase in the country through its real estate platform. And now, it has set its sights on alternative financing, where it has already accumulated investments amounting to €50 million. The idea is that the company will reach €100 million in this line of business in 2018.

The fund, which manages a platform from which it has already disbursed €500 million in just two years, is now expanding its range of businesses in the real estate sector with the financing of operations that have short and medium-term value generation processes. “This line of financing is carried out with coverage of the real estate assets, be they hotels, industrial or commercial properties, or even residential assets. The operations have time horizons of between nine and thirty months”, explains the company in a statement.

Stoneweg will place the focus on the search for opportunities in Madrid, Barcelona and other secondary cities, as well as on tourist and coastal destinations.

Currently, the Swiss fund has a presence in Spain, the USA and Italy, and an investment capacity of €750 million. With two in-house teams in Barcelona and Madrid, its platform holds residential and hotel assets spanning 200,000 m2, as well as offices covering 26,000 m2.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake