Companies are Invited to Buy Industrial Land in Galicia with Discounts of up to 50%

23 February 2019 – La Voz de Galicia 

Galician companies, as well as those from outside the region interested in moving into Galicia, will have a batch of 1.25 million m2 of subsidised business land available to them. The discounts will range between 30% and 50%, depending on the area. With this plan, the autonomous administration is providing continuity to the strategy it has outlined in recent years, which allowed it to award almost 1.5 million m2 of land across Galicia between 2015 and 2018, mostly under a sale-purchase regime.

The public company Xestur, which is in the hands of the Xunta, has called a new tender this year through which it is making available 929,422 m2 of land: interested companies have until the middle of March to process their applications with the aim of acquiring 281 plots located in 17 business parks across the region.

Specifically, the plots being offered by Xestur are located on six industrial estates in the province of A Coruña (…); four in the province of Pontevedra (…); another four in the province of Lugo (…) and finally three in the province of Ourense (…).

Besides the almost 930,000 m2 being offered by Xestur, the Xunta is going to add another 322,258 m2 of industrial plots, also for a subsidised price, owned by the Galician Institute of Housing and Land (Instituto Galego da Vivenda e Solo (IGVS)), which are available to be awarded at any time (…).

Specifically, the offer from IGVS comprises 153 plots in total, located in 15 business parks across Galicia, including: three in the province of A Coruña (…), five in Lugo (…); six in Ourense (…) and finally one in Pontevedra (…).

The mobilisation of industrial land is one of the objectives outlined by the Xunta to attract companies to the region and avoid them abandoning the area (…).

Original story: La Voz de Galicia

Translation: Carmel Drake