Naturgy to Relocate 4,000 Employees in order to Rent Out Offices

30 May 2019 – Expansión

Francisco Reynés, the President of Naturgy, is adjusting costs through a mega real estate plan that will see the company optimise its office space at all of its headquarters across Spain, in order to free up plenty of square metres to be re-let or sold.

In total, around 4,000 employees will be moving offices in an operation that could affect up to 50 different offices. The first moves will be made in Madrid and Barcelona, where around 2,500 workers will be affected, with the firm’s departure from its large headquarters on Avenida de San Luis, 77 in the Spanish capital and on Plaza del Gas, 1 in the Catalan city.

The aim is to leverage new opportunities offered by design (open-plan offices), technology (working from home) and internal reorganisations to cut real estate costs. Austerity and pragmatism will prevail over other factors such as aesthetics and corporate image.

Original story: Expansión (Miguel Ángel Patiño)

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake