Inditex Reorganises its Logistics & Unifies its Warehouses for Online & Physical Stores

28 February 2018 – El Economista

In recent years, one of Inditex’s big secrets has been its logistical efficiency and its capacity to move any garment anywhere in the world in record time. Nevertheless, the development of its online business has now forced the Galician fashion giant to go a step further.

With the aim of reducing costs and increasing its profit margins, which have been decreasing systematically since 2012, Inditex has launched a project to unify the management of stock for its physical and online stores. The idea is that the same warehouse should be able to supply stores on the high street and in shopping centres, as well as customers who buy garments through the website.

The project forms part of the company’s digital integration policy. In fact, data collected by Inditex shows that a significant proportion of customers make their purchases online in the same physical store and that around 60% of the returns and exchanges for products purchased through the online channel are managed in a physical store.

Omnichannel strategy

In this vein, in recent months, Inditex has been strengthening its omnichannel strategy. In this way, at its store in Marineda, in La Coruña, it has opened an automated delivery point, with capacity for up to 700 packages, where users may pick up orders they have placed online without having to wait.

After launching that project last September, under the development of its equipment at the Technological Centre in Arteixo (La Coruña), the company explained that its aim is to take a step further towards the integration of its physical and online stores.

Improved deliveries

In December, the President of Inditex, Pablo Isla, announced that the group had started to offer same-day delivery in six cities – Madrid, London, Paris, Istanbul, Taipei and Shanghai – and next-day delivery in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, China and South Korea.

According to Isla, it is about looking for an “increasingly comprehensive management of the online business”, whereby allowing improvements in delivery times. Just a few weeks ago, at the end of January, Zara, the flagship brand of the Galician group, unveiled the first store in the world that specialises in making and collecting online orders, as well as processing any returns or exchanges, at a new store in the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford (London).

That is a pop-up or temporary store, which will remain open until the flagship store in the same shopping centre is reopened in May, which is going to see its surface area double to 4,500 m2 with a completely new concept.

“The staff in that store use tablets and mobile devices to help customers, who have the option of receiving their orders just a few hours later – if the order is placed before 14:00 – or the next day – if it is placed after that time. It also facilitates the payment system thanks to an innovative system of bluetooth card payment terminals”, explain sources at Inditex. The company, which has 7,504 stores in 94 markets around the world, has an online presence in 45 countries and is continuing to make progress against the large online platforms, such as Amazon and Alibaba. Meanwhile, the stock market is still punshing the group for its falling margins; on Tuesday, its share price fell again, by 0.86% to €25.25.

Original story: El Economista (by Javier Romera)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Foot Locker To Open A Megastore On c/Preciados

16 April 2015 – Expansión

The sports equipment company is going to lease the building located at number 6 on the Madrid street, which has a surface area of 2,000 square metres.

Changes are afoot on Spain’s most sought after shopping street. In a few weeks time, the building located at number six Calle Preciados in Madrid will house a new tenant: the American company Foot Locker. The firm, which specialises in sports equipment will replace H&M, which vacated the property at the end of March to open its flagship store in Spain.

Foot Locker – which until now leased a smaller property at number 17 (on the same street) – will incorporate its signature brand the “House of Hoops” into its new premises in Preciados; the brand was created by the American company in conjunction with the sports brand Nike. The decision to open a flagship store, which will include this new concept, comes after Foot Locker has been testing its new brand, which specialises in basketball-related products, in a pop-up store in other premises on Gran Vía, 36, just a stone’s throw from Preciados.

The building, which is owned by a Spanish family office, has a surface area of 1,960 square metres, distributed over six floors. CBRE advised on the transaction.

The move represents the largest rental transaction involving retail premises on the Spanish high street in 2015. There have not been any major changes of tenants on Preciados for almost two years; the Madrid street competes with Portal del Ángel in Barcelona as the most expensive shopping street in Spain.

“It is a highly sought-after retail area that is very popular with large brands, and so it is rare for property to become available”, says the consultancy firm Ascana.

Last year, only four stores had a change of tenants and only one of those affected premises larger than 100 square metres. Specifically, a store measuring 110 square metres, which is now leased by the make-up firm Mac, after Bijou Brigitte vacated the property. Numerous offers are now expected for the premises at number 17, which Foot Locker has left empty.

Rental prices

This scarce supply has meant that rental prices on Preciados have not been hit by the decreases experienced on properties in the rest of the Spanish market. There, rental prices reach €248/month per square metre for the smallest premises (those measuring between 100m2 and 200m2), according to real estate sources.

Rental prices in the larger stores, such as the one leased by Foot Locker, are lower, amounting to around €100 per square metre per month.

Original story: Expansión (by Rocío Ruiz)

Translation: Carmel Drake