Parc Sagunt Sells Four New Plots of Land for €7.7 Million

3 January 2020 Parc Sagunt’s board of directors agreed to sell four plots of land in Parc Sagunt I for approximately 7.7 million euros, bringing the total sales to 44 plots of land in the development. Total receipts from the sales reached about 458 million euros, according to local authorities.

Nine plots of land, with a total surface area of ​​162,498 square meters, are left for sale.

Between them, Lannuti Spain, Industrial Facilities, Shopping Plataform, and Inmo Arnedo acquired a total area of 99,738 square meters for a combined 7,695,129 euros.

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Two Plots of Land Sold in the Parc Sagunt Business Park

9 October 2019 – The logistics firm Lannutti España SL has acquired a 13,699-square-meter plot of land in Valencia’s Parc Sagunt for 1.38 million. The Italian group will develop a new logistics hub next to the Port of Sagunt, just north of Valencia, where it has an important client.

At the same time, the Valencian company Taberseo SA also acquired a 11,712-m2 plot of land in the same industrial park for €1.2 million. Taberseo distributes home, kitchen and table products and works with such clients as Alcampo, Carrefour, Makro and Dinosol.

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Mercadona Buys Another 136,000 m2 of Land in Parc Sagunt for €16.6M

13 June 2019 – Valencia Plaza

Mercadona is continuing to buy up land in Parc Sagunt (Valencia). The supermarket company has formalised the purchase of 6 more plots of land spanning 136,000 m2 on the industrial and logistics park for €16.6 million.

The aim of this purchase is to expand the logistics facilities that the company led by Juan Roig is currently building on the largest plot in the complex, which spans more than 350,000 m2.

The latest plots to be acquired are located next to the other plots that the supermarket giant purchased in 2017 and will house auxiliary services.

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AZA Buys a 28,000 m2 Plot of Land Next to Parc Sagunt

1 April 2019 – Expansión

AZA has acquired a plot of land measuring 28,000 m2 in Sagunto, with the aim of developing a logistics platform, which will be operated by Aza Logistics, the group’s logistics division.

In total, the company plans to invest €30 million in the development, which will comprise a temperature-controlled warehouse spanning more than 24,000 m2.

The aim is that the facility will serve sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, packaged food and similar.

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake

Valenciaport Sells a Plot in Parc Sagunt to Inditex for €31M

4 February 2018 – Eje Prime

Valenciaport has made the sale of a plot of land in Parc Sagunt to Inditex official. The President of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), Aurelio Martínez, signed the sale of this plot by ‘Valencia Plataforma Intermodal y Logística’ to Tempe, a footwear company that forms part of the Inditex group, before a notary on Monday. The plot measures almost 280,000 m2 and its price amounted to €31 million.

The APV is planning to allocate the resources obtained from the sale of the plot to promoting, activating and streamlining Parc Sagunt II, purchasing new areas to attract business investment of port interest, according to reports from Europa Press.

Tempe was the only company that submitted an offer in the tender process that was convened. As part of the sale’s terms, the company agrees not to sell or divest the plot for at least three years. Moreover, the group commits to undertake business activities within a maximum period of four years.

In January, Tempe emerged as the buyer of this asset after it was the only company to submit a bid in the tender. The company already has central offices and two logistics centres in the Elche Business Park in Alicante.

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Dadelos to Build a Logistics Platform in Sagunto with an Investment of €5M

16 January 2019 – Eje Prime

Dadelos is launching itself into the logistics sector in Valencia. The Valencian family group is going to build a logistics platform in Sagunto with an investment of €5 million.

The plot, which has a buildability of 13,200 m2, is located on the large format Camí la Mar I industrial and logistics park, very close to the Port of Sagunto and Parc Sagunt, an area where companies such as Inditex and Mercadona are already present.

Dadelos is going to carry out the construction of the project without having closed the future final user of the property in advance, as reported by the company in a statement. Similarly, the group stated that this operation forms part of its current expansion and diversification policy.

The new property, which will be twelve metres tall, will also have an area for office use. To carry out the transaction, Dadelos has been advised by Olivares Consultores, which confirmed that it is a strategic operation “at a time of strong growth and high demand for spaces by logistics companies in the area”.

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The Port of Valencia Extends Deadline to Sell its Parcel of Parc Sagunt for €31 Million

17 August 2018

The Port Authority of Valencia has decided to extend the auction for the last large plot of industrial land available in the business centre, with 279,830 square meters, until November.

The sale of the last large plot of land in the Parc Sagunt in Valencia has been delayed. The Port Authority of Valencia has decided to extend the closing date of the auction for the land it acquired ten years ago in the Valencian business park and which it wants to sell now for at least €31 million euros.

The plot, with an area of ​​279,830 square meters, is the largest left in the complex and was scheduled to change hands on the 28th of this month, at the end of the deadline set by the subsidiary VPI, as reported by Expansión.

However, the Port of Valencia has delayed the tender until the autumn, when it will be necessary to see if the bids of the investors who had taken an interest in the property remain firm. At that point, VPI must choose between the projects that have been submitted to the auction, looking for a sale that would be in “interest of the Valencian Community.”

One of the companies that are likely to take the prize is Mercadona. The Valencian supermarket chain has already bought more than 600,000 square meters in Parc Sagunt with the purpose of developing a new macro-logistics platform in the centre. A third of the entire industrial area is already owned by the group led by Juan Roig.

The positioning of Mercadona in Sagunto has attracted other companies in the sector, as evidenced by Vostok and Inlet Seafish’s purchase of two parcels in the estate, paying 1.43 million euros and 620,000 euros, respectively.

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Rockspring Leases 29,000 m2 Warehouse in Barcelona to Mercadona

5 February 2018 – Eje Prime

Mercadona is increasing its commitment to the logistics sector. The Valencian food group, which was very active last year, especially in its own autonomous region, has signed a rental agreement with Rockspring to lease a logistics warehouse measuring 29,000 m2 on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Mercadona is going to move into a logistics park in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires that was promoted by the investment fund manager Rockspring and the Goodman group, and which was inaugurated last March.

The asset has granted a Breeam certificate, which guarantees the sustainability of the warehouse and that its construction was undertaken in accordance with respect for the environment. According to Business Inmo, the property will be occupied in its entirety by the Spanish food distribution company.

This operation strengthens the commitment of the company led by Juan Roig to extend and renew its logistics portfolio. A few days ago, the group announced that it is going to invest €80 million on the expansion of its technological centre in Valencia. Also in its home region, last October, Mercadona signed the purchase of the largest plot in Parc Sagunt, after acquiring a logistics space measuring 358,270 m2.

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Translation: Carmel Drake

Parc Sagunt Formalises Sale Of 3 Plots For €3M

17 November 2017 – La Vanguardia

The Parc Sagunt Business Park has formalised the sale of three plots of land to the companies Gourmet Potato, Ecología y Protección Agrícola and Inmo Arnedo, for an amount approaching €3 million.

With these operations, more than 800,000 m2 of land has now been sold in this business park. The deadline for the presentation of offers for the 14 plots dedicated to industrial and logistics use measuring between 8,500 m2 and 50,000 m2 finalises on 13 December.

The companies that have acquired the plots in question are: Gourmet Potato from the food industry, with a plot measuring 16,100 m2; and Ecología y Protección Agrícola, with a technological base, dedicated to the development and manufacture of phytosanitary products based on bio-rational pest control techniques, which has acquired a plot measuring 8,348 m2.

The other plot has been acquired by Inmo Arnedo, which operates in the logistics sector. It will pay a monthly fee for 35 years for the surface area rights with the option to buy the plot measuring 31,618 m2.

The first phase of Parc Sagunt comprises more than 3 million m2 managed by a joint venture between the Government and the Generalitat for the comprehensive development and sustainability of the park.

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Translation: Carmel Drake

Madrid & Valencia Led The Logistics Market In October

6 November 2017 – Cadena de Suministro

The month of October was marked by the developments carried out by Mercadona, Grupo Lar and Inditex in the Community of Valencia; as well as by the transfer of DB Schenker’s operations in Madrid, Invesco’s new development in Getafe and Neinver’s purchase of a 40,000 m2 site (also in Madrid).

The Spanish logistics market is continuing to perform well, as demonstrated by the increase in demand in Madrid (+57%) and Valencia (+35%) during the 9 months to September. It is precisely in Valencia where, in October, TH Real Estate acquired the logistics platform that serves Carrefour.

Meanwhile, in the Spanish capital, Neinver incorporated 40,000 m2 of logistics space into its portfolio, located in an industrial estate in the town of Getafe; and in Zaragoza, Ibercaja sold two warehouses, measuring 15,926 m² and 11,170 m² in PlaZa to Savills Investment Management.

At the international level, one of the most noteworthy operations last month was the purchase of IDI Gazeley by Global Logistics Properties for €2,400 million. The acquisition of Logicor also pushed ahead, for which China Investment will pay €12,250 million, in a deal that has finally been approved by the European Union.

New developments

In terms of new developments, Madrid and the Community of Valencia headed up the leaderboard once again. Mercadona formalised its purchase of a 358,270 m2 plot in Parc Sagunt, where it is going to build its largest logistics centre in Spain, whilst Lar España committed to starting work soon on the construction of its logistics park in the Valencian town of Cheste.

Meanwhile, Inditex plans to expand its facilities in the Alicante town of Elche, where it has a platform dedicated to footwear. In the same way, it plans to open a new centre in Marchamalo, in the Corredor del Henares area, at the end of 2018.

In Madrid, the operator DB Schenker moved and unified the operations of all of its divisions into a new location in Vicálvaro, where the Port Authority of Valencia is considering establishing an intermodal logistics platform.

Meanwhile, Invesco started building new facilities on the Puerta Mayor Los Gavilanes Business Park, in the town of Getafe. In terms of Barcelona, which saw less activity in the logistics market in October, Kiabi announced it is about to start operations at its new centre in La Bisbal de Panadés.

In other geographic regions, the Ministry of Development found a definitive location for the logistics platform in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo. Moreover, the Junta de Andalucía announced that it will spend some of its budget for 2018 on turning the autonomous region into a logistics hub, capable of leveraging the traffic that connects Europe with the North of Africa and America.

Operations involving logistics clients

One of the most important developments undertaken by the business sector in Spain in October was the opening of Elektro 3’s logistics platform in Tarragona, with a surface area of 16,000 m2, and of Covestro’s platform in the same province. Moreover, the Construction Platform was opened in the Madrilenian town of Pinto, spanning 33,000 m2 and the equivalent version was opened in Froiz, Vigo, measuring 1,700 m2.

Construction work also started at Berlys’ new plant for frozen products in the Navarran town of Tajonar as well as on the plant for Frutas E. Sánchez in Mercamadrid, which will be operative from Q1 2018 and November 2018, respectively.

In this context, the spare parts distributor Diesel Technic announced that it will move its warehouse from Alcalá de Henares to the Casablanca II de Rockspring platform in Torrejón de Ardoz; and the Zaragoza-based company Casa Matachín said that is planning to invest €21 million on the construction of a logistics platform in PlaZa.

Original story: Cadena de Suministro

Translation: Carmel Drake