Parc Sagunt Sells Four New Plots of Land for €7.7 Million

3 January 2020 Parc Sagunt’s board of directors agreed to sell four plots of land in Parc Sagunt I for approximately 7.7 million euros, bringing the total sales to 44 plots of land in the development. Total receipts from the sales reached about 458 million euros, according to local authorities.

Nine plots of land, with a total surface area of ​​162,498 square meters, are left for sale.

Between them, Lannuti Spain, Industrial Facilities, Shopping Plataform, and Inmo Arnedo acquired a total area of 99,738 square meters for a combined 7,695,129 euros.

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Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner


Mercadona Invests €35 Million to Expand its Logistics Platform in Sevilla

13 August 2018

The Valencia-based supermarket chain will build a new, 36,700-square-meter warehouse on a plot of land measuring more than 88,000 square meters.

Mercadona is expanding its logistics platform in Sevilla. The Valencia-based supermarket chain will invest 35 million euros in the construction of a new, 36,700-square-meter warehouse in Huévar del Aljarafe, according to the company.

The entire plot covers more than 88,000 square meters of surface area. After several phases, it is expected that construction will be completed in 2021. The platform will serve for the storage, preparation and shipment of fresh products that will be marketed by the chain owned by Juan Roig.

The new facility will be added to the ones already owned by Mercadona in Huévar, where the group has more than 83,000 square meters of surface area. The operation in the city of Sevilla will join others that the company has been adding in the last year to improve and expand its logistics network.

A month ago, Mercadona announced that it would rent a 10,500 square meter warehouse in the Barcelona free zone to manage just online orders, as part of its process of adapting to e-commerce.

Also, in its hometown, Valencia, the group bought the largest parcel of the Parc Sagunt industrial estate in the autumn, a plot measuring 358,270 square meters, and this winter announced an investment of eighty million euros to expand its technology centre. Mercadona invested more than one billion euros in real estate just in 2017, as reported by EjePrime.

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Mercadona Buys 3 More Logistics Plots In Sagunto

12 June 2017 – Expansión

The Parc Sagunt industrial estate, which has been dormant for years and which has been promoted by the Sepi and the Generalitat Valenciana, is set to become one of the main logistics centres of the supermarket chain Mercadona.

In December, the group announced the purchase of the largest plot on the estate, measuring 358,000 m2 in total, for the construction of a buffer warehouse. On Friday, the Board of Directors of Parc Sagunt – in the Valencian town of Sagunto – announced the sale of another three, smaller, plots to Mercadona. Together, these latest plots cover a surface area of 211,000 m2.

The operation in December saw Mercadona pay €24 million, whilst the acquisitions announced on Friday amounted to €17 million. As such, to date, the chain has spent €41 million buying plots of land in Parc Sagunt. Oriol Montanyà, Logistics Director at Mercadona, said that these plots “will serve to complement the future requirements that may arise at the main warehouse that the company plans to build with service, grouping and packaging warehouses”.

Cluster of suppliers

The idea that Parc Sagunt could end up being a logistics cluster for Mercadona’s suppliers is gaining momentum, given that, on Friday, the industrial estate also approved the sale of another plot of land, measuring 16,000 m2, to the company Vostok, which is going to pay €1.4 million. That company has very close links with Mercadona, given that it collaborates with (…) its integrated supplier Patatas Lázaro, which works almost exclusively for the supermarket chain.

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