Operation Mahou-Calderón Draws Significant Interest

15 July 2019 – Richard D. K. Turner

Operation Mahou-Calderón, a portfolio of land owned by Atlético de Madrid and the Mahou brewery, is drawing significant interest from potential investors. The lands are around Atlético’s old football field and one of the brewery’s former factories. The two groups each have 50% of the portfolio, each with approximately 63,000 square meters of land. Four housing cooperatives have shown interest in one of Mahou’s plots of land, while Azora and Gestilar have already acquired two plots owned by the football club.

The housing cooperatives Core and Arjusa are already marketing a development called Madrid Río Living, to be built on Mahou’s plot RC5. Meanwhile, Ibosa, is also selling homes in a 196-home development from plot RC1, though both have yet to finalise their acquisition of the lands.

Atlético has already concluded the sale of two plots to Azora and Gestilar for 110 million euros. Vivenio is also looking to acquire Atlético’s final plot of land for approximately €88 million, where it would build rental properties.

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