Town Hall Of Madrid Shelves ‘Operación Chamartín’

26 May 2016 – Expansión

The Town Hall of Madrid shelved Operación Chamartín yesterday with votes in favour (of shelving it) from Ahora Madrid and PSOE. As such the project, inspired by the PP and promoted by Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN), which is owned by BBVA and the construction company San José, has been buried.

After denying the definitive approval of the Partial Plan to extend La Castellana at the Plenary meeting, the municipal executive announced her intention to invite the Ministry of Development, Adif, the Community of Madrid and DCN to work on “a definitive proposal and to start the development of the area as soon as possible, in line with the basis and strategy document from the municipal proposal, presented by the Town Hall on 10 May”.

The Government team led by Manuela Carmena also announced its intention to call a public debate immediately and even to hold an extraordinary Plenary meeting to present its alternative plan, which it described as “feasible, reasonable and sustainable”.

“Now, the general interest is placed on the business. With this project, the culture of shady urban planning is over. We hope that both the Community of Madrid and the Acting Ministry of Development abandon the deadlock situation regarding the development of the north of the city”, said Calvo.

The Town Planning Councillor said that the Town Hall will put all of the means available to “streamline to the maximum” the necessary processes and provide legal support to the planned actions, with the aim of commencing the improvement works at the North and Fuencarral Junctions in 2017 and remodelling the Chamartín train station at the beginning of 2018.

Meanwhile, sources at DCN said that approval for the project has been denied, but that “it is still on the table”.

The property developer considers that, if the political will exists, then the project may be resumed. “DCN continues to offer its plans to Madrid and to Madrid’s citizens”, added the same sources.

Original story: Expansión (by Rebeca Arroyo)

Translation: Carmel Drake