Construction is Completed on the Largest Cross-Docking Platform in Spain

8 August 2018

Montepino Logistica invested 17 million euros in a 14,040-square-meter logistics centre in Coslada.

The company Montepino Logística has completed construction on its cross-docking platform in the municipality of Coslada, Madrid. It is the largest cross-docking centre built in the last decade in Spain and will house Nacex, a company specialised in the priority courier services. The logistics centre will allow 120 vehicles to load or unload merchandise and documentation simultaneously. The platform has 104 loading and unloading docks for vans and vehicles, and ten docks for large trailers.

The cross-docking platform was the target of a 17-million-euro investment, which has a constructed area of ​​14,040 m2 on a plot of land measuring 23,400 m2. The main area is more than 10,000 m2 warehouse where the classification and distribution of goods will be carried out.

Inside, a loft was erected to take full advantage of the facility that will be used by Nacex. The property also has a two-story office block where administrative tasks will be carried out. “It is an innovative space that will permit storage time to remain almost non-existent. It presupposes a before and an after as far as cross-docking is concerned,” Juan José Vera, vice president of Montepino Logística, explained.

The construction was directed and developed entirely by Montepino Logística S.L and executed by the construction company Mariano Lopez Navarro S.L within a nine-month period. The platform is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018 after the facility has been retrofitted with the needed high-tech machinery.

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Translation: Richard Turner