Barcelona Activates 72 Public Plots for the Construction of 4,644 Affordable Rental Homes

11 September 2018 – Inmodiario

The activation of new public developments forms part of the Plan for the Right to Housing 2016-2025, and the current data indicates a level of output never seen before in terms of the construction of new homes for public rental in the city (of Barcelona).

On the basis of all the actions planned, the municipal Government will increase the public stock of affordable rental homes in the city by 50% in six years.

72 projects

The 72 projects underway have been accelerated in recent years, and 80% of the public housing that is going to be constructed will constitute affordable rental properties.

Construction of 11 of the developments has now been completed, comprising 648 homes, some of which have already been handed over. In other cases, the final procedures are being completed so that they can be handed over to the families soon.

On thirteen public plots, construction work has begun or permission has been granted for the construction of 574 homes. The package of projects includes both those developments that are in the process of being awarded to construction companies and those that have already been built.

On 29 of the plots, public tenders to select the companies to carry out the projects have already started; the work on those sites will generate 2,331 homes. Finally, 19 other developments are in the preparation phase, and the procedures to carry out their public tenders have been started with a view to building 1,091 new homes.

More affordable homes in the medium term

In addition to the 72 plots mentioned above, work is being performed on 52 other sites to activate the construction of homes over the medium term; they are in different phases of the urban planning process to ensure that they are dedicated to the right to housing service (…).

With the objective of growing the stock of public housing still further and bringing it in line with those of other European cities, it is hoped that a group of sites pending planning permission will be granted the condition of plots so that they can also be dedicated to the construction of public housing. Most of those sites are located in areas of the city that are already undergoing transformation, such as La Marina, 22@ and La Sagrera.

Municipal resources for rental housing

In just 8 years, the growth in the stock of rental housing is going to add as many new homes for public rental as have been created over the last 80 years. Moreover, the process is mainly being carried out (95%) using municipal resources, and with support from the European public bank, given that the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya and of the State is at its lowest level since 1981.

Besides the construction of public housing and management of land permits, the Town Hall has boosted the acquisition of homes through various instruments established to that end in the governing legislation, such as the right of first refusal, direct purchase and assignment of usufruct.

In this context, 531 homes have been purchased and another 251 are in the process of being acquired. By the end of the current mandate, more than 750 homes are expected to have been purchased and €70 million will have been invested using municipal resources only (…).

Original story: Inmodiario

Translation: Carmel Drake