Oion Moves HQ To ‘Cesáreo Alierta’ Building In Zaragoza

20 April 2017 – CBRE Noticias

The reactivation of the economy, experienced over the last few months, has led to an increase in demand for high-quality assets, with certain companies now looking for new locations in order to improve the profile of their headquarters, as well as better facilities that are adapted to suit their current requirements.

Proof of this includes the latest move by the company Oion Servicios Jurídicos y Financieros, which specialises in providing services to companies in the administrative management and statistical computer analysis fields. Oion has decided to relocate its offices to the Cesáreo Alierta Building, 9-11, in Zaragoza (…), where it will occupy a total surface area of 3,040m2, spread over the ground and first floors of the property, which has one of the largest floor surface areas in the Aragonese capital. (…).

Other examples of office moves include Aerolínea Aragonesa Air Horizont’s transfer to the historical El Águila building on Calle Alfonso, number 3, in an operation advised by CBRE, where it will occupy the 5th and 6th floors. The property is situated in one of the most exclusive and representatives locations of Zaragoza and is equipped with some extraordinary facilities. Meanwhile, Grupo BC is going to relocate to the Aida Office Building, whose current occupancy rate exceeds 80%, thanks in part, to the refurbishment of its space and to the provision of more services within its facilities.

“At CBRE, we are observing a better positioning of offices that have recently undergone renovations or refurbishment work, to adapt them to the needs of companies. They are the ones that end up enjoying higher occupancy rates and higher rents. Proof of this is that demand for office space in the New Business Areas now accounts for 30% (of total demand) compared with 10% in 2014, versus the decline in the Centre, which has gone from accounting for 75% to 45%. These recent operations have contributed to reducing the availability rate below 20%, a figure not seen since 2008”, says Alicia Noguera, Head of Offices at CBRE Zaragoza.

The improvement in the market during the first quarter is clear, with around 4,000 m2 of space already leased out, compared with a total of 8,000 m2 during the whole of 2016. This takes the projections for the full year 2017 to more than 10,000 m2, which would represent a historical figure, although still well below other similar domestic markets, by size of stock, such as Valencia. (…).

Original story: CBRE Noticias

Translation: Carmel Drake

AEB Sells Its HQ For €10M & Moves To Torrespacio

21 September 2016 – Expansión

The change in AEB’s headquarters represents the final milestone in the transformation and modernisation process that the banking association began a year ago.

The banking association AEB will move out of its traditional headquarters (two and a half floors in a property on the Madrilenian Calle Velázquez) to move, under a lease contract, to one of the floors in Torre Espacio. The skyscraper was constructed by the group OHL and was sold to the Philippine group Emperador at the end of last year. AEB will move at the end of this year or in January 2017.

The economic operation involves the sale of the property in which the headquarters of the banking association has been located since it was founded, for an amount that market sources estimate to be in the vicinity of €10 million. AEB occupies a surface area of 2,400 sqm in that building, therefore, the sales price will amount to around €4,200/sqm. The buyer is a mutual insurance company, whose name has not been revealed, and it will have to modernise the property before leasing it out given that, although it is in good condition, it does not meet the requirements of the new tenants.

In the new location, AEB will occupy most of the 30th floor of Torrespacio, one of the towers that comprises the most modern office complex in the north of Madrid. There, AEB will occupy a surface area of 1,000 sqm, which is significantly smaller that its current headquarters, because, amongst other reasons, the office there is going to be open-plan for all employees, with the exception of the Secretary General and the Chairman, José María Roldón. This move follows a wider trend (towards open-plan offices) in the sector, implemented by BBVA at its new headquarters and a format that Santander is also planning to adopt – it wants to extend the pilot scheme that it has been trialling in its compliance department until now across the whole of its Boadilla del Monte complex. The rest of the floor in Torrespacio, approximately one third of it, will be leased for other activities, completely unrelated to the sector. (…).

Original story: Expansión (by Salvador Arancibia)

Translation: Carmel Drake