Madrid’s Luxury Hotels Delay their Debuts

The openings of the Four Seasons hotel, the renovated Mandarin Oriental Ritz and the Marriott in Madrid will all be delayed due to the crisis caused by Covid-19.

Several luxury hotels in Madrid are delaying their openings due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. In this way, the Canadian luxury chain Four Seasons had planned to open its first hotel in Spain in Madrid’s Centro Canalejas on 15 May, but the new date for the inauguration will be 1 September, if the Covid-19 pandemic allows it, according to Cinco Días.

This five-star establishment has 200 rooms and is located within the Canalejas complex. It is owned by OHL (50%) and Mohari (50%), a company owned by Mark Scheinberg, the founder of Poker Stars. The Four Seasons website only allows reservations from 1 September, with prices starting at €750 and rising to €2,025 in the case of a suite.

Millenium Acquires Asturias Hotel in Madrid from Platinum for €82 Million

1 November 2019 The socimi Millenium has acquired the former Asturias hotel in central Madrid from the Platinum Estates group, which is controlled by the Hong Kong-based investor Harry Mohinani, for €82 million.

Millenium plans to refurbish the hotel and reopen it in 2021 in conjunction with Marriott’s W Hotels brand., The hotel is on the central Madrid square of Canalejas.

The 5-star, 136-room hotel will have furniture inspired by angels’ wings, round beds and bathrooms with transparent walls. The larger rooms will have work areas, dressing rooms and terraces with private jacuzzis.

Original Story: Expansión – Rocío Ruiz

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Millenium Hotels in Talks to Acquire the Former Asturias Hotel in Madrid

24 October 2019 – The Millenium Hotels socimi is in the midst of negotiations to acquire the former Asturias hotel on Madrid’s Plaza de Canalejas from the Hong Kong-based fund Platinum. The property, which includes two adjacent buildings with a total area of about 13,000 square meters, is reportedly worth 80 million.

It is believed that Marriott, which intends to open its first Marriott W hotel in Spain’s capital on the site, will invest another €25 million to renovate and tailor the asset to conform to the brand’s exigencies.

The future 5-star hotel will have 136 rooms on seven floors.

Original Story: Expansión – Rebeca Arroyo

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Blackstone’s Spanish Hotel Portfolio is Worth €3.5bn

3 June 2019 – La Vanguardia

In recent years, the US fund Blackstone has invested €3.5 billion in the Spanish hotel sector through its specialist manager HI Partners, making it the largest hotel owner in Spain and the third largest in Europe after the Swedish firm Pandox and the French group Covivio.

HI Partners was created four years ago and owned 17 establishments by the time Blackstone acquired it in 2017 for €640 million. A year later, the US fund launched a successful takeover bid for the Socimi Hispania, which gave it control of another 45 hotels.

According to Alejandro Hernández-Puértolas, Partner and CEO of HI Partners, the firm now owns 62 establishments in Spain, with around 18,000 rooms. By region, 53% of its rooms are located in the Canary Islands, where it has 25 establishments, 26% are in the Balearic Islands (18 hotels) and the remaining 21% are located across the Peninsula above all in the Costa del Sol, Valencia and Cataluña.

HI Partners is headquartered in Barcelona and has offices in the Canary and Balearic Islands. It employs 100 professionals and its hotels are managed by 19 different operators including Marriott, Barceló, Hilton, Melià and Ritz Carlton.

Original story: La Vanguardia (by Rosa Salvador)

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake

Antonio Catalán Sells the Rest of AC Hoteles to Marriott

31 March 2019 – El País 

Marriott, the largest hotel conglomerate in the world with 7,300 establishments in its portfolio, has today acquired the remaining 40% of the share capital in AC Hoteles for €140 million. The two brands first joined forces back in 2011 when the US group entered a joint venture with the Spanish firm at height of the economic crisis.

The new operation will involve the dissolution of the joint companies and the creation of a new one, which will allow Antonio Catalán (Navarra, 1948), in his capacity as President of AC by Marriott, to use any of the hotel giant’s brands, not only AC and Autograph. In this way, he is thinking of entering the tourist segment on the Costa del Sol and the tourist apartment business in Sevilla.

The businessman manages 76 hotels (65 in Spain, 10 in Italy and 1 in Portugal) through the company Belagua 2013. In 2017, the latest year for which accounts are available, that company recorded revenues of €188 million and generated a net profit of €71 million, which is expected to grow by 8% in 2018. Catalán also owns other companies with individual hotels, bringing his total revenues to €260 million.

In Spain, AC Hoteles is working on several hotel openings in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Madrid, Cartagena and Andorra, assets that will operate under the AC by Marriott brand. It is also working on openings in Sevilla, Valencia and Bilbao, which will operate under the Autograph Collection brand.

Original story: El País (by Carmen Sánchez-Silva)

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake

Platinum Puts Hotel Asturias in Madrid Up for Sale

1 March 2019 – Eje Prime

The Hong Kong-based investment group Platinum is looking for a buyer for the Hotel Asturias in Madrid, which it purchased in 2014 and which is going to be home to the W chain’s first hotel in the Spanish capital.

Platinum acquired the hotel from the Salazar family five years ago for €35 million. That operation included the two buildings now for sale located at numbers 9 and 11 Carrera de San Jerónimo, close to Plaza del Sol.

In addition, Platinum is looking to divest another property from its portfolio: the building that it owns on Calle de Jacometrezo. That property contains 139 rooms, is going to be operated by Marriott’s Aloft chain and is due to open in April.

Platinum is managed by the Indian textile merchant Harry Mohinani and his wife Roshni Mohinani; it entered the Spanish market in conjunction with Juan Luis Segalerva.

Original story: Eje Prime (by I. P. Gestal)

Summary translation by: Carmel Drake

KKH Sells the Future Hotel Edition in Madrid for €220M

12 December 2018 – Expansión

The Malaysian group YTL Corporation is going to formalise the acquisition of the building when it opens, in 2020. The fund is also selling the Hotel Edition in Barcelona to a group from the Middle East.

Hotels in Madrid and Barcelona are continuing to attract stratospheric investments, encouraged by the appetite of investors for Spanish property and the strong performance of tourism in the two cities. The latest to close a million-euro operation is the fund KKH Property Investors, headquartered in Barcelona, which has agreed to sell the five-star hotel that it is building in the former headquarters of Monte de Piedad, in the centre of Madrid. The buyer is the Malaysian group YTL Corporation, which is going to pay €220 million for the property when the hotel is inaugurated, at the end of 2020.

On the other hand, KKH has also sold another five-star hotel in Barcelona, for around €80 million to a group from the Middle East whose name has not been revealed. The two have operating agreements with the US chain Marriott, through its brand Edition.

KKH Property Investors is an alliance between KKH Capital, founded by the former CEO of Renta Corporación, Josep Maria Farré, and the funds Perella Weinberg Real Estate Fund I, Perella Weinberg Real Estate Fund II and PW Real Estate Fund III, advised by Aermont Capital LLP. The joint venture, created in 2014, has an investment budget of €500 million.

The fund’s strategy is based on the search for prime locations in Spain, the construction of five-star hotels, the agreement with major international chains and the sale of the asset once it has been inaugurated. Since its creation four years ago, the fund has planned numerous investment and divestment operations.

Luxury hotels

The two hotels that have been sold by KKH share the fact that they have been designed by the architect Carlos Ferrater, they are both five-star establishments and they will both be integrated into the Edition chain.

In the case of the hotel in Madrid, whose operation will be effective from the end of 2020 (…), it will have a surface area of 25,000 m2 spread over seven above-ground storeys and two basement floors (…).

The future Hotel Edition in Madrid, located just 200 metres from the Plaza del Sol, will have 200 rooms and suites, and like the other establishments in the brand, will place a great emphasis on design and on the restaurant offering. It is expected to have six restaurants and will result in the creation of 400 jobs (…).

In Barcelona

In the Catalan capital, KKH Property has followed a similar pattern. In that case, the divestment, agreed a while ago, has already been formalised, given that the hotel was inaugurated in September (…).

The hotel in Barcelona has 100 rooms and employs 230 people directly. Investment in the hotel exceeded €50 million.

Original story: Expansión (by Marisa Anglés)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Bankinter’s Hotel Socimi Atom will Make its MAB Debut with a Valuation of €265.7M

21 November 2018 – Eje Prime

Atom is lining up to make its debut on the stock market. Bankinter’s hotel Socimi will ring the bell soon on the Alternative Investment Market (MAB) with a portfolio comprising 21 assets located all over Spain. The company will make its debut with a valuation of €265.7 million and a share price of €10.60 after the stock market regulator issued a favourable report for its inclusion on the alternative market, scheduled for before the end of the year.

Atom’s main partner is the Melià Group, which operates six of its establishments. In addition, the Socimi has agreements with AC Hotel by Marriott, Eurostars, Ibersol and B&B, amongst other chains.

Twelve of the company’s hotels are vacation properties, and the remaining nine are urban assets; most are four-star establishments. The properties are worth €483.5 million altogether, according to an independent valuation of the portfolio carried out by EY.

In addition to Bankinter, which owns 5.3% of the shares, other shareholders of the management company include Alcor, which controls 5% of the shares; Mistral Iberia Real Estate, with 5.15%; and Línea Directa Aseguradora, with 2%.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake

Atom Socimi to Go Public With Assets of More than €500 Million

7 August 2018

The Atom socimi, founded by Bankinter, offers the bank’s private banking clients an alternative for investing in the hotel sector. 

Atom announced its IPO in January and now owns 23 hotels with more than 5,200 rooms, managed by chains such as Meliá and Marriott. 

The investment vehicle devised by Bankinter has a 7-year investment horizon, to be followed by disinvestment, though the bank is permitted to extend it

Bankinter will take its socimi public, a listed real estate investment company that has already acquired 23 4- and 5-star hotels spread over Spain. The hotels and their 5,200 rooms are managed by Meliá Hotels International and Marriott International, among others, and are valued at more than 500 million euros. At the end of 2017, the bank began offering its private banking customers the possibility of investing in the socimi, which was dubbed Atom Hotels and constituted on January 5, 2018. Atom was created to acquire a portfolio of hotels for long-term leasing, as Hosteltur tourism news reported late last year.

On February 2, the socimi finalised a capital increase through which it reached a total funding level of €247.8 million and, after that, began acquiring hotels after having analysed a significant number of possible market operations, investing almost all of its available capital. In July, it became known that Meliá had sold the Meliá Sevilla, Sol La Palma and Sol Jandía Mar hotels, in the provinces of Seville, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas, to Atom, while maintaining a contract to manage the properties.

Just a few weeks ago, the socimi signed a syndicated 5-year, 191-million-euro mortgage loan, through which it obtained the necessary financial resources to complete its planned investments and reach a total of 23 hotels in its portfolio.

The portfolio is “well diversified” by asset type, location and operator, with fixed rents of 78%, rental contracts with an average required compliance of 10 years and minimal needed investment as most of the hotels have already been renovated or are in the last stages of renovation, sources said.

The bank intends that the portfolio of hotels should offer the socimi’s shareholders an annual dividend of close to 5%. The socimi is expected to be listed on the MAB, Madrid’s Alternative Stock Market.

Atom’s main shareholders are Bankinter’s private banking clients, with a minimum investment of 200,000 euros and a maximum ceiling of 15% of their financial assets.

Other investors, including Bankinter, the socimi’s manager, GMA, and institutional investors, also have investments of at least €60 million.

The bank led by María Dolores Dancausa allocated roughly 18 million euros while GMA invested another €9 million, so both have sufficient minority stakes in socimi to be represented on its board of directors. Unlike other socimis, Bankinter’s investment vehicle has a disinvestment term of 7 years, although the bank reserves the possibility of extending it.

This is not the first socimi launched by the financial institution. In February 2017, Bankinter launched Ores together with Sonae Sierra, which invests in commercial assets such in Spain and Portugal. Socimis and investment funds have served to boost the sale of hotel portfolios, a report by the Hotel division of Colliers International stated. In the year to June, Spain saw the second largest amount of investments in the country’s history, 1.83 billion euros, down 13% from 2017. Socimis and investment funds played an important role in the feat.

Original Story: Hosteltur

Translation: Richard Turner

Bankinter Prepares to Debut its Hotel Socimi in Q1 2018

26 December 2017 – El Confidencial

Bankinter has started to offer its private banking clients the option of acquiring a stake in a listed real estate investment company (Socimi) that owns a portfolio of 4- and 5-star hotels located across Spain, which it plans to debut on the stock market during the first quarter of 2018.

This Socimi will be created with a share capital of almost €200 million invested in a selection of hotels: 65% holiday establishments and the remainder urban, including several properties operated by high-profile chains such as Marriott and Meliá, according to reports made today by sources close to the project.

In recent weeks, Bankinter has been in charge of choosing the hotels, all of which are operating, in order to offer an annual dividend of approximately 5% to all of the shareholders of the Socimi, which will make its debut on the MAB, the stock market segment designed for SMEs.

The main shareholders will be Bankinter’s private banking clients, who have already pledged to contribute around €120 million to the project on 18 January. The minimum investment per client will be €200,000 and the maximum will be 15% of each individual’s financial wealth.

In addition, other investors, including Bankinter itself, the manager of the Socimi and institutional investors, will invest at least €60 million more.

The idea is that the bank led by María Dolores Dancausa will invest €18 million and the manager of the Socimi, GMA, €9 million, which would mean that both will hold a minority stake in the company, but one that is sufficient to entitle representation on the Board of Directors.

Unlike other Socimis, the investment vehicle designed by Bankinter has a divestment period of 7 years, although the bank reserves the right to extend its life.

This Socimi is not the first to be launched by the financial institution, given that in February, it placed Ores on the market, together with the company Sonae Sierra. Ores invests in commercial assets such as shops and large retail spaces in Spain and Portugal.

Original story: El Confidencial 

Translation: Carmel Drake