Blackstone Creates Logistics Firm Mileway with €8 Billion in Assets

30 September 2019 – Blackstone has created Mileway; a company focused on last-mile logistics in the main European markets. The company is planning on gaining share in markets where it is already present and expanding its presence to other countries.

Mileway’s portfolio consists of roughly 1,000 logistic assets with a total of nine million square meters of surface area, valued at €8 billion. The logistics assets are in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

Blackstone has been acquiring last-mile logistics assets through piecemeal transactions and portfolio acquisitions, including its €1.3 billion acquisition of Hansteen.

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Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Colonial Increases Occupancy as Logistics Sale Nears Conclusion

31 July 2019

Colonial, which is in the process of selling a €450-million portfolio of logistics asset, presented excellent results in the first semester of 2019.  The managed to get its occupancy rate from 85% to 90% in the first six months of the year, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the assets on sale.

The socimi’s logistics portfolio consists of a total of 574,462 square meters, located in Madrid, Barcelona and its surroundings, Guadalajara, Tarragona and Seville.

Prologis, Deutsche Bank and Blackstone are seen as the three final candidates for Colonial’s logistics portfolio. At first, Blackstone was the considered the likely winner of the auction, but recently Prologis, a US-based logistics operator, has pulled ahead.

The operation is part of Prologis’s bid to become one of the main actors in the Spanish logistics market. The American firm currently owns 850,000 square meters of high quality assets in prime areas. In total, the company manages 72 million square meters of logistics platforms in 19 countries.

Original Story: Merca2 – Carlos Lospitao

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner