Goodman to Develop 285,000 m2 of Logistics Land in Spain

16 January 2019 – Eje Prime

Goodman is boosting its business in Spain. The inmo-logistics giant is entering 2019 with a portfolio for development that spans a surface area of more than 285,000 m2. The company is going to finalise two projects spanning more than 100,000 m2 this year, after increasing its portfolio by 30% in 2018, according to reports from the company.

In the last year, the occupancy rate of Goodman’s assets in Spain was 100%, reaching a total surface area of 106,000 m2. Its most recent completed projects include a turnkey in the Zona Franca of Barcelona and a last mile logistics platform in Madrid.

Both developments had e-commerce companies as the client. Not in vain. E-commerce “consolidated its position as the great ally of the industry by demanding large, high-quality logistics spaces in strategic locations, and with easy access to the major cities”, explained Ignacio García Cuenca, Director General of Goodman in Spain.

Currently, the company is developing four logistics platforms in Cataluña, one of the regions in which it is most active. Specifically, the company is going to build 111,000 m2 in Barcelona.

Moreover, Goodman is going to finalise several projects in 2019 including a 75,000 m2 logistics platform in Alcalá de Henares and a 33,000 m2 asset in León.

In Illescas (Toledo), the new logistics hub of central Spain for the development of large logistics warehouses, the Australian giant is going to start building a facility spanning more than 66,000 m2 this year.

Goodman Group is present in Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Brazil, and has a portfolio of assets under management worth €24.3 billion.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake

Grupo Lar Purchases 36,000 m2 of Logistics Land in Valencia

17 December 2018 – Eje Prime

Grupo Lar is starting to expand in the Spanish logistics sector. The company has completed the purchase of 36,000 m2 of logistics land in the municipality of Quart de Poblet, in Valencia with the aim of constructing two warehouses and an additional block of offices.

The two logistics centres will have surface areas of 5,000 m2 and 17,000 m2, respectively. Meanwhile, the office building will span approximately 1,300 m2. The building work is expected to start during the second quarter of 2019 and finish during the first quarter of 2020.

The land is located close to the Riba-roja logistics hub, 15km from Valencia and 10km from the Manises airport. Moreover, its proximity to the city’s main arteries gives it a privileged position when it comes to moving goods.

Currently, Grupo Lar is working on an expansion plan for its logistics platform with Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Sevilla and País Vasco all in the spotlight. The company plans to invest €250 million between now and 2021 in the acquisition of 500,000 m2 of industrial land.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake

Prologis & Goodman Bid for 24,700 m2 Logistics Plot in Valencia

26 April 2018 – Eje Prime

Giants in the logistics sector are looking to expand their domains in Valencia. Prologis and Goodman have entered the auction for a plot of land spanning 24,700 m2 in the Valencia Logistics Park, also known as PLV. The space is currently owned by the Generalitat Valenciana, which has also put a second industrial plot up for auction, on the same industrial estate and spanning 8,600 m2, for which it has received just one offer.

In total, three other groups have also bid for the largest plot of land up for sale, besides the two international operators, namely: Inversiones y Terrenos Rústicos, VGP Naves Industriales Península and Servicio y Calidad, according to Valencia Plaza.

The five companies are bidding for a plot that the administration has placed on the market offering the option of the purchase and surface area rights, although the Generalitat is going to prioritise offers that express an interest in carrying out an operation over the second point.

After this operation, the Valencian administration will still need to sell 44,600 m2 of logistics land and 16,900 m2 of tertiary land. Moreover, the Generalitat is planning to place another 46,800 m2 of space on the market this year for a concession for a heavy vehicle parking lot on the M2 plot of the logistics park.

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Knight Frank: Inv’t in Logistics Will Amount to €1.2bn in 2017

4 December 2017 – Eje Prime

The Spanish logistics sector is on the right track as the industry approaches the centres of the country’s largest cities. The new methods of consumption, which demand greater speed when it comes to receiving a product and the increase in the volume of online purchases, has led to a rise in the leasing of logistics land in Spain, in particular in the regional capitals. During the nine months to September, investment in the market amounted to €550 million and that figure is forecast to reach €1.2 billion before the end of the year.

Spain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is growing at a rate of 3% p.a., and the index is not escaping the gaze of international investors, who are placing their trust in the country. This has been demonstrated by the largest logistics operation recorded so far this year involving P3 Logistics Parks, the developer controlled by the sovereign fund of Singapur GIC, which paid €243 million for GreenOak’s logistics portfolio in April, according to a report from the consultancy firm Knight Frank.

In addition to Madrid and Barcelona, several other large regional capitals have benefitted from the investments made in the purchase of industrial land on the outskirts of cities. Such is the case of Valencia, in the adjoining town of Ribarroja, where the largest operation was signed during the third quarter of the year. There, TH Real Estate acquired a Carrefour logistics platform measuring 55,000 m2, on a plot with a surface area spanning 87,000 m2.

Focusing on the Community of Madrid, the report points out that the absorption of logistics space has soared this year. The figures for the third quarter of the year, when 675,000 m2 of space was leased, exceed the surface area recorded during the whole of 2016 in the Spanish region. The international consultancy firm forecasts that Madrid will close the year with absorbed logistics surface area of around 800,000 m2.

The large deals notably drove the increase in the surface area leased in the country. Seven of the transactions signed in the sector during 2017 involved assets spanning more than 40,000 m2.

Prime yields, on the rise in Madrid and Barcelona 

In a survey of international investors conducted by Knight Frank, 51% of those questioned chose industrial and logistics assets as their preferred asset type for investment over the next five years. This investor appetite has led to an increase in the price of Spanish industrial land. Prices in the logistics market are on the rise, although yields are remaining stable.

In the market for logistics assets in Madrid, prime rents amount to around €5.25/m2. The forecasts indicate that the increase in demand and the improvement in the quality of new logistics facilities will lead to an average annual increase in rental prices in the region of around 3%.

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, the price of prime logistics land is even more expensive at around €6.85/m2. If we look at a map of Europe, the Catalan capital is the seventh most expensive city, and the most expensive, by far, in the south of the continent. In this sense, Barcelona, where land is already more expensive than it is in Frankfurt (€6.65/m2), is only exceeded by Amsterdam (€7.10/m2), Munich (€7.10/m2), Dublin (€8.15/m2), Helsinki (€10/m2), Geneva (€14.55) and London (€15.25/m2).

Original story: Eje Prime (by Jabier Izquierdo)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Aguirre Newman: Almost 1 million m2 of Logistics Space Leased in Madrid & Barcelona YTD

21 November 2017 – El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes

In total, 929,698 m2 of logistics space was leased in Madrid and Barcelona during the first three quarters of 2017, up by 22.6% compared to the same period in 2016, whilst the volume of investment in logistics assets reached €600 million. That figure represents 76% of the total recorded last year, which marked a historical maximum investment volume in Spain, according to Aguirre Newman.

During the third quarter of 2017, the high level of investor interest in logistics assets, which started four years ago, continued to flourish. It was boosted by factors such as the consolidation of economic growth, the gradual improvement in household consumption, rising rental prices in the main markets and improvements in financing conditions.

The initial rate of return for the most prime assets in the best locations amounted to around 6%, and rates of around 5.5% were seen for certain one-off operations. According to the report from Aguirre Newman, the scarce supply in the main logistics markets in Madrid and Barcelona is affecting the market in two ways. On the one hand, interest in secondary markets is continuing to rise, most notably in Zaragoza, Valencia and Sevilla. On the other hand, there is a high degree of interest in buying land, either to develop speculative projects or to build turnkey projects, under forward funding or forward purchasing formats.

Demand for logistics space in Madrid during the third quarter of the year reached 226,757 m2, compared to the total cumulative space leased in 2017 of 614,070 m2. That figure represents an increase of 52% with respect to the same period last year. Both the activity recorded during the third quarter – which is closely related to e-commerce – as well as that registered during the year to date represent record levels never seen before, and so the report forecasts that the end of 2017 will also be very positive in light of the operations currently underway.

The most significant operation in terms of the volume of surface area leased in the third quarter was completed in Illescas (Toledo), where an operation involving a turnkey project with a surface area of 103,000 m2 was signed. That was followed by another operation closed by Leroy Merlin in Meco with a surface area of 59,914 m2. In terms of rental income, the maximum recorded was €4.85/m2/month, as a result of an operation closed in the Corredor del Henares, specifically in San Fernando de Henares.

According to Aguirre Newman’s research, activity in the market for land dedicated to logistics/industrial use has grown considerably with respect to previous quarters, with the completion of seven operations spanning a combined surface area of 379,096 m2, destined for both turnkey and at-risk projects. The most significant land operation was the purchase of a plot measuring 242,000 m2 in Illescas (Toledo) for the development of the aforementioned logistics platform (103,000 m2).

On the other hand, the leasing of logistics space in Barcelona amounted to 91,406 m2 during the third quarter, which represents a slight decrease of 9% compared to the same period in 2016. Meanwhile, the total surface area leased during the first nine months of 2017 amounted to 315,628 m2.

Vallès Oriental and Barcelonès were the most active regions in terms of the number of operations, where three and two operations were closed, respectively. In terms of the largest operations closed, a contract was signed in Alt Penedès for a space spanning 20,000 m2 and in Vallès Oriental, another contract was signed for a space measuring 14,000 m2. Prime rents continued at their levels of between €5.75/m2/month and €6.75/m2/month. Nevertheless, the report from Aguirre Newman highlights that one operation was closed in the Zona Franca Consortium with a rental price above the prime rate indicated.

Leasing of logistics space soars in Valencia

Moreover, during the first nine months of the year in the Valencia metropolitan area, 135,250 m2 of logistics space was leased. That figure represents an increase of 35% with respect to the same period a year earlier, according to BNP Paribas Real Estate.

In that region, demand focused primarily on the town of Ribarroja, which accounts for 80% of the surface area leased (…).

Original story: El Inmobiliario Mes a Mes

Translation: Carmel Drake

Neinver Acquires 40,000m2 Plot In Getafe To Build Logistics Warehouse

31 October 2017 – Observatorio Inmobiliario

Neinver has acquired 40,000 m2 of industrial land on the Carpetania Industrial Estate in Getafe (Madrid), where it plans to build an industrial warehouse with a GLA (Gross Leasable Area) of 24,000 m2. This project, which involves an investment of approximately €16 million, reflects the company’s commitment to logistics development; since its creation, the firm has now built more than 2 million m2 of logistics assets.

Currently, Neinver is one of the main property developers, managers and investors in the southern part of the Community of Madrid, with more than 70,000 m2 of GLA under management in the Getafe area.

According to Juan Carlos Ortega, Director of Industrial and Logistics at Neinver, “with this operation, Neinver is strengthening its position as a developer of logistics projects in the Spanish market. Besides managing a portfolio spanning half a million m2, the development of a new warehouse in a location as strategic as Carpetania, reflects the company’s commitment to this sector, so rooted in the origins of Neinver”.

This operation comes after Neinver acquired two other logistics assets in Barcelona and Pamplona, with a combined constructed surface area of 15,000 m2, in February of this year, through Colver, its joint venture with Colony Northstar.

In total, Neinver currently manages a portfolio of 500,000 m2 in terms of logistics and industrial surface area, corresponding to a gross asset value (GAV) of €300 million.

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Inv’t In Industrial & Logistics Land In Valencia Already Exceeds 2016 Total

30 October 2017 – El Economista

Demand for industrial and logistics land is growing fast in the province of Valencia. Sale and purchase operations involving this type of land have already exceeded the total volume of space (in square metres) sold during 2016 as a whole, by 30% at least, when operations spanning 585,000 m2 of space were signed – 130% more than during the previous year.

Information from specialist consultants and other data provided by public managers indicates that more than 750,000 m2 of land has been acquired, with a significant percentage of the operations being closed in Ribaroja, Cheste and Sagunto –almost half of the square metres purchased are located in Parc Sagunt, which has experienced a boom since the arrival, in December, of Mercadona, which plans to construct its largest logistics platform there (…).

This increase in demand comes in response to a combination of factors, including: the consolidation of the economic recovery, supported both by internal demand and the export of products and services, which has boosted projects to expand production capacity and storage by industrial groups; the positive outlook for the next few years; improvements in terms of the access to and conditions of financing; projects to improve the communications network – above all, the railways; the growing interest from investors – corporate and institutional, in particular – looking for options to generate higher returns than those found in the financial and securities markets; and the growing demand for modern, high-quality, large assets, in good locations, which have been underserved in recent years due to the total stoppage of new development projects in this field, as a result of the economic crisis (…).

Aguirre Newman adds another element that has benefitted the Valencian market: “The shortage of supply in the main markets in Spain – Madrid and Barcelona – has boosted interest in secondary markets, in particular, in Zaragoza, Valencia and Sevilla”. And this trend could be reinforced in the coming months due to the instability in Cataluña, which is leading to the departure of companies and the suspension of investments.

This confluence of factors has contributed to an increase in the presence of investment funds, Socimis and specialist property developers as the main players participating in sale and purchase operations, above all in the last year and a half (…).

In terms of rental prices, in the prime areas of Valencia, maximums amount to €4.25/m2/month in the Centre Axis of Ribaroja, whilst in the Southern Axis (…), rents have stabilised at €4/m2/month.

In terms of the profitability of logistics rental spaces, whilst in Madrid and Barcelona, yields amount to between 5% and 6%, in the areas with the highest demand in the Community of Madrid, they range between 7% and 9%, according to the consultants (…).

Meanwhile, the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) expects that the Logistics Activity Area (ZAL) will become operational during the first half of 2018, after two decades of delays (…).

Original story: El Economista (by Olivia Fontanillo)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Cifuentes To Value Plot Next To Inditex’s Facilities In Meco At c. €100/m2

23 January 2017 – El Confidencial

Around €100/m2. That is the valuation that Nuevo Arpegio, the public company that manages land in the Community of Madrid, is going to assign to the plot that it owns in the town of Meco, next to Inditex’s large logistics centre. The Galician company has already expressed its interest in operating on the adjacent site. The regional Government, chaired by Cristina Cifuentes, approved the partial modification of the urban plans for Meco in December, which was necessary to reorganise the 1.93 million m2 space and protect the wetland containing protected birds that has been artificially created in the area.

Having taken this step, Nuevo Arpegio is now finalising the process to sell a plot measuring 100,000 m2, which according to sources in the autonomous government, could have an asking price of €10 million. The plot is the ideal site for the Galician company to expand its facilities, which already occupy 300,000,m2 next door. Inditex has been expressing interest in this plot since 2014, although officially it has not revealed its cards. Meanwhile, Nuevo Arpegio wants to generate revenues in every way it can and is putting a large volume of land up for sale across the Community of Madrid. (…).

Sources in the real estate sector indicate that, in theory, offering the land for an asking price of €100/m2 would represent an “attractive” offer, although urbanisation costs would cause the price to rise to €130/m2 or €140/m2. The same sources say that Inditex has continued to show interest in these plots adjacent to its large logistics centre to enable it to expand it, but it is possible that Inditex will not purchase the land itself, but rather allow a real estate developer that specialises in logistics to buy the land and then lease the facilities that its constructs.

The Corredor del Henares is still one of the most attractive areas in Madrid. Of the 45 operations closed in the logistics market in 2015 (data for 2016 has not been published yet), 26 were recorded along the A-2 axis, covering a surface area of 213,000 m2 and accounting for 56% of the total. The municipalities of Cabanillas del Campo, Alcalá and Azuqueca de Henares were in most demand, accounting for 40% of the total volume leased, according to a report from the consultancy firm CBRE. (…).

Original story: El Confidencial (by David Fernández)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Aguirre Newman: Logistics Inv’t Reached €135M In Q1 2016

11 May 2016 – Mis Naves

Investment in the logistics market during the first quarter of 2016 amounted to €135 million, compared with €180 million in the same period in 2015, according to the Q1 Monitor Report about the Logistics Market in Madrid and Barcelona published by Aguirre Newman.

The leasing of logistics space in Madrid and Barcelona reached 233,176 sqm, thanks to 21 operations, with a maximum rent of €5.5/m2/month during the quarter.


In Madrid, demand for logistics spaces exceeded 144,672 sqm, which more than doubled the space leased during the first quarter of 2015 (64,500 sqm).

The most significant operation during the quarter involved Amazon’s extension of its facilities in San Fernando de Henares (57,400 sqm) and its lease of 48,500 sqm of space in Cabanillas del Campo.

In terms of rental income, the maximum recorded during the quarter was €5.5/m2/month, in a deal at the PAL in Coslada. Besides that one-off operation, rental income in prime areas remained stable, at around €4.5-€5.0/m2/month.

One of the most significant findings from Aguirre Newman’s report relates to the market for the sale of land allocated for industrial/logistics use, a clear indicator of the return of property development activity: more than half a million sqm of land was sold during the quarter, for both end clients as well as to construct new projects at risk.


Meanwhile, the leasing of logistics spaces during the first quarter in Barcelona exceeded 89,004 m2, which represented a decrease of 56.4% with respect to the same period in 2015 and an improvement of 71.3% compared with the previous quarter.

The analysis of the number of operations signed shows a very positive trend in terms of demand, as 12 deals were completed during the first three months of the year compared with eight signed in the previous quarter.

Aguirre Newman’s report highlights that the logistics investment market in Barcelona and its area of influence is still very attractive for investors. Moreover, despite the scarcity of quality profitable products available, several operations are currently in progress, which will contribute to an improvement in investment volumes over the next few months.

Original story: Mis Naves

Translation: Carmel Drake