None of the Homes on Mallorca’s Playa de Palma May be Let to Tourists

24 July 2018 – El Mundo

None of the homes, be they houses or apartments, on Playa de Palma may be let for tourist use, according to an announcement made today by the Councillor for Urban Planning, José Hila.

The councillor explained that the restriction follows the decision taken by the Govern’s Balearic Environmental Commission to declare the entire Arenal-Playa de Palma area a “mature” tourist zone.

The municipal government was planning to allow regulated tourist rentals in detached family homes on Playa de Palma, but the ruling from the Commission has put an end to that possibility.

Hila recalled that the urban nucleus of Palma has been declared a unique area and so there, only the holiday rental of detached homes will be permitted, as had been announced several weeks ago.

“We have calculated that right now there are around 23,000 homes susceptible to being rented out, equivalent to 12% of all of the homes in the Ciutat”, said Hila.

On the other hand, the Balearic Environmental Commission has also ordered that homes located on unprotected rural land and those in the airport area must adhere to the Consell of Mallorca’s Tourist Area Intervention Plan (PIAT).

The councillor highlighted that the responsibility of the Cort in terms of tourist rentals has been to establish the zones, but that if any resident is aware of illegal practices then he or she just report it to the Ministry of Tourism, which is the competent body for matters of infringement.

All of these agreements will have to be endorsed by the Government in the coming days and will enter into force once they have been published in the BOIB.

Original story: El Mundo 

Translation: Carmel Drake