Barcelona’s Town Hall Invests €32M to Build 244 Social Housing Units in Bon Pastor

23 August 2018 – Eje Prime

Barcelona is strengthening its commitment to public housing. The Town Hall governed by Ada Colau is going to invest €32 million in the development of 244 homes in the neighbourhood of Bon Pastor to rehouse the residents of the so-called cheap houses. The building work forms part of the remodelling plan for one of the areas in a controversial district of Barcelona.

The phase that is about to begin is the fourth phase of the urban planning project, which will involve the construction of five blocks of flats. The building work, managed by the Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation (Imhab) is expected to be finished during the first quarter of 2021, according to Idealista News.

The Town Hall’s plan is happening so that any homes that are not occupied by rehoused residents will be allocated to the public stock for rental in the Catalan capital. In terms of the list of applicants for rental homes, priority will be given to those residents registered in the areas close to Bon Pastor.

Two of the blocks will be located between Calles Isona and Tallada (54 homes) and Calles Salomó and Isona (42 homes); both enclaves border the limit with Sant Adrià de Besòs. In addition, the plan projects a third building with 38 homes at the junction of Calles Biosca and Claramunt; a fourth block between Calles Biosa and Salomó, with 60 homes; and a final building containing 50 homes between Calles Salomó and Novelles.

The remodelling of Bon Pastor will end with a fifth phase that will put an end to an urban planning macro-development containing 754 homes. The homes will measure between 60 m2 and 90 m2 with parking spaces inside the blocks.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake