Mountpark Invests €70M in a New Logistics Project in Illescas

The joint venture between USAA Realco and Mountpark is building an 86,200-square-metre warehouse on the Iberum Central Platform in Illescas (Toledo).

The logistics company Mountpark, controlled by the firms USAA Realco-Europe Holdco and Mountpark, has announced an investment of €70 million to launch a new logistics project called Mountpark Illescas I, located in the town of Illescas (Toledo). “Over the last 2 years we have been buying up land from various owners and now we have enough space to build an XXL warehouse,” explains John Derweduwe, Director of Mountpark for Spain and Portugal, speaking to

The project will comprise a warehouse spanning 86,200 square metres on the Iberum Central Platform distribution park, which is located in one of the main industrial corridors of the Spanish market, 35 kilometres from Madrid. The warehouse, which will have a free height of 12 metres and 143 loading docks, has been designed to obtain an “Excellent” BREEAM sustainability certificate. In this way, it will have a roof equipped with photovoltaic panels that, together with a battery system, will generate renewable energy for night shifts.

Mountpark Negotiating the Acquisition of Land for Logistics Platform to the South of Madrid

30 September 2019 – Mountpark is negotiating the acquisition of more than two million square meters of land in the south of Madrid. The developer intends to build a major logistics platform at the site, one with more than 40,000 square meters of surface area.

The company is planning on copying another platform it built recently at the Iberum Central Platform, in Illescas, Toledo. Mountpark built a 44,000-square-meter warehouse for XPO Logistics that H&M is using.

Mountpark Iberia is a part of a joint venture by Usaa Realco-Europe Holdco, the Dutch subsidiary of the US firm Usaa Real Estate, and the Luxembourg-based Mountpark Finco Sarl.

Original Story: Eje Prime – Marc Vidal Ordeig

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Mountpark to Build its 4th XXL Warehouse in Madrid

21 November 2018 – Eje Prime

Mountpark is getting a taste for the Iberian Peninsula. The logistics vehicle, specialising in the development of XXL assets, is going to start work on its fourth warehouse in Madrid in the middle of 2020, on a site spanning 100,000 m2, located in the south of the Spanish capital.

Including that plot, the company currently has a portfolio of land in the country that exceeds 330,000 m2, which it expects to expand very soon with new purchases in Barcelona and Valencia, according to explanations provided by John Derweduwe, the Director General of Mountpark for Spain and Portugal, to Eje Prime.

The group does not want to delay its entry into Portugal any longer. “We are on the verge of closing the purchase of a new plot in Lisbon”, said the Director, who added that his firm has been preparing its debut in the Portuguese market for some time. The delay has been due to the difficulty in finding the right plot to develop warehouses measuring between 80,000 m2 and 100,000 m2, which has been Mountpark’s main objective since its creation in 2017.

Whilst it continues to identify new plots on the Peninsula, the company is focusing its efforts on the development of three of the assets that it already owns in Madrid: two spaces in the Iberum Central Platform in Illescas (Toledo), which span almost 135,000 m2 and a third site in Alcalá de Henares, measuring 100,000 m2.

In fact, yesterday, the first brick was laid in Mountpark II, the e-commerce logistics platform measuring 44,000 m2 that the group is building for the logistics operator XPO, with an investment of €30 million.

The space will be leased to the Swedish fashion retail giant H&M from June 2019 and represents a “great opportunity for economic growth in the region”, according to the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, on the first day of construction at the complex (…).

In search of the giants of the future

Mountpark is on the hunt for buyers for its projects in Spain. After signing its first contract with XPO Logistics, the company now has several firms interested in Mountpark I, the second logistics platform that it owns in Illescas, measuring 90,000 m2, as well as the complex that it is planning to construct in Alcalá de Henares.

“Our potential clients fit one of three profiles: logistics operators, large companies in the world of technology and the automotive industry, and retail giants who want to commit heavily to e-commerce”, explained John Derweduwe (…).

The parent company of the Iberian subsidiary led by Derweduwe is Mountpark Logistics, a joint venture between Usaa Realco-Europe Holdco, the Dutch subsidiary of Usaa Real Estate and Mountpark Finco Sarl (Mountpark). The joint venture promotes large logistics buildings across Europe, but with the focus placed primarily on the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Central Europe. Mountpark owns a portfolio comprising 16 assets with the potential to offer more than 1.85 million m2 of logistics facilities in the continental market.

Original story: Eje Prime (by B. Seijo)

Translation: Carmel Drake