Airbnb Unveils New Tool to Help Town Hall of Barcelona Crack Down on Illegal Operators

28 May 2018 – Eje Prime

A new approach in the collaboration between Airbnb and the Town Hall of Barcelona. The US company has announced the launch of a new technological tool that will provide the City Council with access to data about its hosts, such as their full name, DNI and address.

That will allow the authorities to identify those flats that do not comply with local regulations. Currently, the Town Hall is reviewing a list of potential illegal operators, as part of a procedure established by the law agreed between it and Airbnb.

Through this new tool, Airbnb’s hosts will indicate whether their accommodation should be registered by law or not, and they will give their consent for some of their personal data to be shared with the Town Hall of Barcelona. This measure, which will facilitate the work of the City Hall to eliminate potential illegal operators, will enter into force on Friday 1 June.

“By working together, Airbnb and the Town Hall of Barcelona can help more local families to share their homes, comply with the law and generate new sources of income to strengthen our neighbourhoods”, said Arnaldo Muñoz, Director General of Airbnb in Spain, in a statement.

Since last summer, collaboration between the US group and the Town Hall has resulted in the withdrawal of more than 2,500 adverts and the introduction of a limit of one advert per host for apartments located in Ciutat Vella.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake