GEM Subscribes to €1.48 Mn Capital Increase in Quabit

26/11/2014 – Expansion

GEM Capital has committed to subscription and reimbursement to a €1.48 million capital hike forged by Quabit.

This is the tenth capital injection carried out by GEM (Global Emerging Markets). In the upcoming transaction, 19.48 million new shares of Quabit at a par value of 0.01 euros each and a premium of 0.0664 euros will be allocated on the market.

Last October 31st, Quabit ran an equity line agreed on in a contract signed with GEM in May 2013. In line with its terms and conditions, the company has got a right, but is not obliged, to demand from GEM one or several subscriptions to social capital hikes for a maximum amount of €90 million during a three-year period of time.


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Quabit´s 29.2 Mn New Shares Offered Since Today

2/06/2014 – Expansion

Today, 29.2 million new shares of Quabit start to sell on the stock exchange market for nominal value of 0.01 euro a share. The real estate company issued them in the framework of capital enlargement sealed on 27th May.

According to the CMNV (Spain´s Stock Market Commission), the face amount of the injection posts €292.307,69 Euros, while the total actual laden (nominal plus share premium) reaches €3.8 million.

All the new shares have been subscribed by Gem Capital SAS.

Original article: Expansión

Translation: AURA REE

GEM injects 1,73 million to Quabit

22/01/2014 – El Mundo

Gem has communicated to Quabit that will buy a new package of shares from Quabit Real Estate for the amount of 1,73 million Euros, as stated by the company.

The transaction is framed by the equity line contract signed between the real estate and GEM, according to which Quabit has the right, but not the obligation, to request that the company subscribe its request for one or several social capital increases for a total amount of 90 million Euros during a period of three years.

In the framework of this agreement, Quabit asked for the sixth time a share subscription. Thus, GEM has notified a commitment of subscription of 14,2 million of shares for an amount of 1,73 million Euros. From this amount, 1,6 million correspond to a share premium.

Source: El Mundo