Carmen Godia to Invest €22 Million Building Offices in 22@

15 June 2018

The old Poblenou plant will hold on to the old factory’s principal architectural elements while being transformed into a modern office building. The office will be rented to small and medium-sized businesses.

Carmen Godia is investing in Barcelona’s real estate sector. The businesswoman will develop an almost 9,000-square-meter building in the old Canem factory, on Calle Doctor Trueta, in the centre of 22@. Between the purchase of the site and the construction of the new building, the investment will total about 22 million euros.

The old Poblenou plant will maintain the architectural elements of the old factory, but it will be transformed into a modern building to be rented to small and medium-sized companies, offering offices with areas running from 200 to 600 square meters, Expansión reported.

The Canem factory was built by Carlos and Bartolomé Godó in the 19th century. During the war, it became a provisional prison, and in 1964 it was sold to the Ribera family. Godia bought it from Popular before Santander absorbed it.

It will be the second office building that Carmen Godia has built in 22@. In 2005, the businesswoman built one of the first modern office buildings in the Poblenou district, located at number 51 Calle Pujades. The property rents offices measuring approximately 100 square meters to small businesses. Carmen Godia invests through her holding company G3T.

Original Story: EjePrime

Translation: Richard Turner