Ibiza’s Real Estate Market is a “World of its Own”

11 July 2018 – Diario de Ibiza

The real estate market in Ibiza is not encouraging (for the majority): the available stock of homes “is residual”, the majority of homes bought there are rented out, the peak prices reached in 2017 have been exceeded…and all of this is being compounded by a distinct shortage of land. All in all, it is a troubling scenario for those wishing to live on the island all year round.

Tinsa’s Regional Director for the East and South of Spain, José Antonio López, warned on Wednesday that the lack of land, combined with the demand for housing “is generating a dangerous melting pot” in the Balearic Islands. As such, he is asking the administration to get involved to facilitate the availability of land for property developers.

Those were the words used by López in response to a question from participants at a Proinba-Tinsa real estate meeting held in Palma on Wednesday, where the situation of the residential real estate market was discussed, in particular, the market on the coast.

López warned that this situation may “lead to serious problems” on the islands, where “young people need primary residences” and they “need options”. “For this reason, land is required, and the administration needs to get involved”, said Tinsa’s Regional Director, before adding that the supply of urban land with building permission is “almost non-existent”.

What’s more, “the supply is going to decrease” and with the “surplus demand”, we are seeing “dangerous growth that cannot be met”. In this context, “rental is not an option because those circumstances are also being taken advantage of”. In fact, according to data from Tinsa, in areas such as Ibiza (town), many people are buying to let (…).

Based on data from Tinsa, the average monthly mortgage payment on the Balearic Islands is very high, €792, well above the average for Spain as a whole, €543/month. The financial effort being made by families on the islands is also greater, given that they spent 22% of their household income on mortgages during the first year, compared with the national average of 16.8%.

Ibiza and Formentera set a new record

Of the 12 coastal municipalities analysed on the Balearic Islands, Sóller leads the increase in prices over the last year, with price rises of 21%. Ibiza and Formentera towns came in close behind, with 17.8%, followed by Santa Margalida (17.7%), Palma (14.7%) and Llucmajor (13.8%).

Palma is one of the top five most expensive capitals in Spain, with an average price of €1,951/m2, and in the last year, its growing trend has exceeded the average for the autonomous region.

By contrast, the municipalities that have grown by the least are Sant Lluís and Mahón (3.7%), Ciutadella (4.5%) and Manacor (7.1%) (…).

Ibiza is “recovering too quickly”

According to data from Tinsa, the real estate sector on the coast in Mallorca is “clearly recovering”, whilst in Menorca, there are “signs of recovery” and in the case of Ibiza, there may even be an “excessive recovery”, in López’s opinion.

Prices have been “rising rapidly” on the white island, on a consistent basis for the last few years, and the YoY variation is well above the average. In fact, current prices have already exceeded the maximums seen in 2007.

On the basis of all of these indicators, the Regional Director at Tinsa said that Ibiza’s real estate market could be considered “a world of its own, set apart from other islands and provinces” (…).

Original story: Diario de Ibiza (by E.P.)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Le Collectionist Arrives in Spain to Lead Luxury Holiday Rentals

5 April 2018 – Expansión

Luxury made in Spain. The French group Le Collectionist has arrived in Spain through the purchase of the holiday rental company Bonder & Co, which has 400 exclusive properties under management and twelve years of experience in the sector. The firm is preparing to extend its footprint with new acquisitions and the incorporation of new destinations with the aim of becoming the leader of the high-end holiday rental market.

Le Collectionist currently has 12 offices around the world and 2,300 properties in around one hundred destinations across France, Spain, Greece, Morocco and Israel. “Following a round of financing last June, we expect to have 100 offices by 2020. Bonder & Co was the first purchase but the plan is to acquire local experts and leaders around the world to create a global company with local knowledge”, explains Paloma Bonder, founder of Bonder & Co and Director General of Le Collectionist in Spain, speaking to Expansión.

In Spain, this high-end version of Airbnb has a presence in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Marbella, and plans to expand into Cataluña, with new properties in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. It is also analysing other destinations such as Madrid and Bilbao. “The properties must fulfil an extensive list of requirements and must stand out due to their location or because they have a certain feature that makes them special. For example, we are currently considering a farmhouse in Cataluña where purebred horses are raised”, adds Bonder. The valuation of the properties included on this platform range from €1.5 million to €10 million.

In this way, the prices per stay range between €3,500 and €350,000 per week and the services offered range from €500 to €150,000 and include everything from chefs to chauffeurs, to yachts, to children’s entertainment, to luxury cars and local “unique” experiences. For these services, the company maintains relationships with 600 Spanish suppliers.

Le Collectionist also has a consultancy service to advise property owners.

Original story: Expansión (by Rebeca Arroyo)

Translation: Carmel Drake