Inbisa Sells 27,000 sqm Logistics Platform To Primafrío

29 September 2016 – Mis Naves

“The ability of Inbisa and the Asua Real Estate Group to offer our clients the best options in terms of location and facilities, adapting ourselves to the needs and requirements in each case, is the key factor that enable transactions of this kind to go ahead”, said sources at the company.

Inbisa, through the Asua Real Estate Group, has sold the “Inbisa San Román Logistics Platform”, located at km 385 on the N-1 highway, 25km from Vitoria and 95km from the border with France, to the international transport company Primafrío.

The logistics platform has a surface area measuring more than 27,000 sqm, as well as more than 5,200 sqm of constructed space, split between a warehouse (covering 4,000 sqm in terms of floor space) with 20 loading bays and 10m free height inside and offices ( measuring 375 sqm). Moreover, the site has another independent building (measuring 903 sqm), which is used for fleet services, as well as workshops for maintenance and a car wash for trucks.

According to sources at Inbisa, “Primafrío, which will open one of its largest operating headquarters in Spain at the “Inbisa San Román Logistics Platform”, has chosen these facilities thanks to their strategic location, along one of the country’s main logistics corridors, which links Madrid with France and the rest of Europe. Similarly, the characteristics of the logistics platform are perfectly suited to the requirements of the transport company, as it offers all of the infrastructure necessary for it to undertake its business and logistics activity”.

Original story: Mis Naves

Translation: Carmel Drake