Deutsche Hypo: Spain’s RE Market Records Highest Growth in Europe

7 May 2019 – Cope

The Spanish real estate market recorded the highest growth in Europe during the first quarter of 2019 (3.8%) with respect to the previous quarter, to reach 199.3 points, according to the Deutsche Hypo Estate Economy Index (Reecox). Moreover, the Spanish real estate sector is forecast to grow by more than the European average this year (2.1%).

The Director of Deutsche Hypo’s branch in Madrid, María Teresa Linares, says that “the formation of a stable Government will be fundamental for ensuring economic consolidation and the adoption of the reforms necessary over the long term”.

The Reecox index reflects the quarterly evolution of the real estate markets in Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands on the basis of five variables.

Original story: Cope 

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake