Telefónica Sells Headquarters on Barcelona’s Plaça de Catalunya for €100 Million

19 November 2019 – The Spanish telecoms firm Telefónica has sold its historic headquarters located at the corner of Plaça de Catalunya and Portal de l’Àngel to the Basque executive Daniel Maté for one hundred million euros.

Telefónica had announced its intention to sell the asset in March through a private auction without the intermediation of any real estate consultants.

Telefónica will continue to lease the building for the moment. The Movistar Center operates on the first floor, with offices on the rest.

Mr Maté had also already acquired a portfolio of four buildings from Telefónica a few years ago for a total of fifty million euros. The executive converted the properties, in Madrid, Barcelona and Santander, into residential flats.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner