Platinum Buys the Park Hyatt Site Near Sotogrande to Open its Own Hotel

25 April 2019 – El Confidencial

Platinum Estates has just completed the purchase of Finca Doña Julia, a plot spanning 40,000 m2 located in Casares, between Marbella and Sotogrande, where the Hong-Kong based fund is planning to open a 4-star hotel.

The future establishment is going to be built on the structure that the property developer Evemarina designed for Park Hyatt. Work was suspended on that project after the company filed for bankruptcy when the economic crisis hit.

The debt ended up in the hands of seven banks, which have now sold their stakes to Platinum for an undisclosed amount. The fund led in Spain by Juan Luis Segalerva has been advised by Garrigues.

The same financial institutions have also transferred another plot to Platinum next to Finca Doña Julia, measuring 11,000 m2.

All of these assets are located next to Finca Cosentín, where KKR, together with Altamar and Single Hom are going to invest €450 million in the development of exclusive villas and apartments.

Original story: El Confidencial (by Ruth Ugalde)

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake

Neinor Backs Costa del Sol with Construction of 1,500 Homes

2 July 2018 – Eje Prime

Neinor Homes is joining the wave along the Costa del Sol. The residential property developer has plans to construct a dozen promotions in the area, comprising 1,504 homes, which will be built over the next few months.

Estepona will be the nerve centre of the commitment on the Costa del Sol made by the listed real estate company led by Juan Velayos. With a mix plan, which will see the firm promote first and second homes for mainly international clients, Neinor will build up to 486 homes in the Estepona municipality.

Casares, with 134 homes; Vélez-Málaga, with 104 homes; Marbella, with 49 homes; and Benahavis, with 45 homes, are the other towns where Neinor Homes will be active along the Costa del Sol. Moreover, the property developer will build 558 new primary residence homes in the capital, Málaga, spread over three projects, according to Cinco Días.

Beyond the Málagan province, the real estate company led by Velayos will build another second residence project in Mojácar (Almería), where it will construct 96 homes. The director, who recently expressed his optimism about the future of the Spanish residential market, has the Israeli fund Adar Capita as its main shareholder, with 28.7% of the shares.

Neinor Homes has a plan underway to hand over 1,000 homes this year; another 2,000 in 2019; 4,000 homes in 2020 and another 8,000 between 2021 and 2022. In total, it will invest more than €1.5 billion in the purchase of land, as revealed by Eje Prime. Through its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Málaga and Córdoba, the property developer has 48 projects under construction at the moment.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake

Chilean Group Osim Debuts In Spain With €480M Inv’t On Costa Del Sol

29 September 2017 – Diario Sur

The Chilean investment management company Osim has initiated the development of a series of projects along the Costa del Sol where it plans to invest around €480 million in total. The company is going to make its debut in Casares, where today (Friday) it will present a real estate project comprising more than 400 homes and involving an investment of €200 million, which will materialise over the next four years.

The site in question is the Alcazaba Lagoon urbanisation, where 92 homes have already been built and where another 340 units are expected to be constructed. This urbanisation, which will be officially unveiled tonight, includes a giant artificial lake, which occupies a surface area of 1.4 hectares and has an average depth of 2.5 metres. It is the first development of this kind to be undertaken in Europe.

The project comes in response to an initiative by the company, formed by the Chilean entrepreneurs Óscar Lería and Patricio Rojas, who through the management company Osim are planning to channel the arrival of capital from Chile into several real estate projects to be developed over the next few years in Marbella, Estepona, Torremolinas and Málaga capital, according to comments made by Lería to Diario Sur.

The businessman explained that Alcazaba Lagoon represents the rescue of a project started in 2006 in Casares. Construction was suspended during the years of the crisis and has now has been brought back to life with the construction of the artificial lake and the redesign of the whole site, which will now comprise a block development with 78 units (…). The Town Hall of Casares has already granted the property developer the building permit for the first block.

According to Lería, the artificial lake forms the centrepiece of the complete rethink of the original project and has been the pet project of the architect Hugo Torrico. The development of housing blocks, which has also involved the modernisation of the original plans, has been carried out by three Chilean architects: Cristian Larrain, Jaime Hernández and Diego Aigeren.

Lería explains that the water feature, as well as forming the central part of the project, represents an absolute innovation in Europe, offering several advantages and not only functionally speaking, given that it contains an artificial beach 6km from the coast, where people can practice water sports. Moreover, he explains, the maintenance of the lake requires a water cost of less than 50% of that of a garden, twenty times less than that of a golf course and 100 times less than that of swimming pools with the same volume of water.

The homes have asking prices ranging between €250,000 and €500,000 and are aimed primarily at the foreign market, with British buyers in the lead.

According to data provided by the company, the residential complex will result in the creation of around 3,000 direct and indirect jobs during the construction and sales process and for the maintenance of the facilities.

Original story: Diario Sur (by Héctor Barbotta)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Andalucía To Draft New “Land Use Plan” For Western Costa del Sol

5 September 2017 – Inmodiario

Following the cancellation by the Supreme Court of the Land Use Plan (POT or ‘Plan de Ordenación del Territorio’) approved in 2006, the Governing Board of the ‘Junta de Andalucía’ has started the process to prepare a new POT for the Western Costa del Sol.

As well as addressing the formal questions behind the legal ruling, the document will update and adapt to the changes that have been seen in the region in socioeconomic terms over the last ten years. The aim is to establish a new framework for urban and land development in the area, which comprises nine municipalities and has a population of almost 400,000. In addition, the plan will set objectives and supra-municipal organisation criteria for infrastructure, green spaces, and areas of growth.

To prepare the plan, the formulation decree approved by the Board establishes the creation of a drafting committee, which will comprise representatives of the central and regional administrations, as well as from the Provincial Council and the Town Halls in the district.

In general terms, the POT identifies those areas that should be protected from the urbanisation process due to their environmental, scenic cultural value, and those that should be allocated to the development of economic activities and the location of supra-municipal equipment and facilities, given their strategic value. All urban plans and public and private initiatives must adhere to these guidelines.

The POT for the Western Costa del Sol includes the following municipalities within its scope: Benahavís, Casares, Estepona, Fuengirola, Istán, Manilva, Marbella, Mijas and Ojén (…).

Original story: Inmodiario

Translation: Carmel Drake