Millenium to Undertake €400 Million in Capital Increases

3 January 2020 Shareholders of the hotel investment socimi Millenium have approved two new capital increases of up to 400 million euros. The socimi will undertake the increases within the coming year, according to a statement the socimi submitted to the Alternative Stock Market (MAB).

Los accionistas de la socimi de inversión hotelera Millennium han aprobado dos nuevos aumentos de capital de hasta 400 millones de euros. La socimi emprenderá los aumentos dentro del próximo año, según un comunicado que la socimi presentó al Mercado de Valores Alternativos (MAB).

Original Story: Eje Prime

Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner

Silicius Real Estate Completes €22-Million Capital Increase

11 December 2019 – The Socimi Silicius Real Estate has finalised a further €22-million capital increase. The increase is aimed at “the continuation of the investment plan set out in the Company’s Business Plan.” Current shareholders took up the new shares, along with 13 new investors.

The firm also acquired 29% of Shark Capital, which is also managed by Mazabi. Shark invests in real estate focusing on long-term, stable income streams. It currently owns properties in London, Amsterdam and Luxembourg.

Original Story: Merca2 – Javier Rosell

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Park Rose Iberoamericana Finalises €2.2-Million Capital Increase

16 December 2019 – Park Rose Iberoamericana, a company specialised in the acquisition and development of urban rental properties, completed a €2.2-million convertible loan share capital increase. The new securities have a nominal value of one euro.

The socimi debuted with a capitalisation of 10.8 million euros and a portfolio made up of eleven commercial assets and two offices located in Barcelona, Toledo and Madrid.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Veracruz Properties to Launch €4.9-Million Capital Increase

16 December 2019 – Veracruz Properties is planning a capital increase of €4.9 million through the issuance of 153,221 new shares with a nominal value of ten euros and an issue premium of 22 euros. The new measure is expected to be approved shortly at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in January.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Silicius and Merlin in Talks on Transfer of Three Shopping Centres

2 December 2019 – The socimi Silicius is close to finalising negotiations to take on three shopping centres worth €175 million from Merlin Properties. The agreement, which would involve a capital increase, to take the socimi’s total portfolio from €470 million to approximately €650 million, nearer to its goal of reaching one billion euros in assets in the first quarter of 2020.

Silicius only has debts of €200 million, and the firm is currently finalising several other possible acquisitions worth €100 million in Spain.

Original Story: El Confidencial – Ruth Ugalde

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Millenium Socimi to Undertake €250-Million Capital Increase

25 November 2019 – Millennium, a socimi that invests in the hospitality sector, plans to undertake a €250-million capital increase next year to expand its portfolio and subsequently move from Spain’s MAB to its larger. The socimi is looking to double its portfolio to one billion euros and make the move within the next two to three years.

Millenium also expects to take on debts of 250 million euros to achieve its goals.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Ivanhoé Cambridge to Invest Up to €150-Million in Capital Increase for Árima Real Estate

4 November 2019 – Árima Real Estate has announced a capital increase of up to 150 million euros. The Canadian real estate investment group Ivanhoé Cambridge will subscribe to the increase in its entirety, giving the firm up to a 29.9% share in the socimi.

The socimi debuted last year in the continuous market and had assets worth 175 million euros at the end of the first semester of this year.

Ivanhoé Cambridge will subscribe the shares at a maximum price of 10.4 euros, a premium of 3% compared to Friday’s closing price of 10.1 euros.

Currently, the top shareholders in Árima are the Bank of Montreal (10.4%), the Pelham fund (9.9%) and UBS (9.8%).

Original Story: Cinco Dias – A. Simón

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Vivenio to Issue New Shares Worth €149.9 Million

14 October 2019 Vivenio, the Spanish socimi controlled by the Renta Corporación and the Dutch fund APG, has launched a €149.9-million capital increase. The socimi will issue 127.1 million new shares with a value of one nominal euro each and an issue premium of 1.18 euros per share. Should investors fully subscribe the capital increase, the company’s total share capital would rose to €564.6 million.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Árima to Undergo €100-million Capital Increase

3 October 2019 – The socimi Árima intends to conduct a €100-million capital increase to continue with its strategy of pursuing growth through the acquisition real estate assets.

The firm announced that it would seek to approve the increase at an extraordinary shareholders meeting scheduled for November 5.

The capital increase will be directed towards new investors since the current partners will not have the right to first refusal over the emission.

Original Story: Europa Press

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner

Vbare Completes €16.35-Million Capital Increase

5 August 2019

The socimi Vbare raised 16.35 million euros in a capital increase, the firm’s largest yet, and above the planned increase of 12.5 million euros. The socimi, which invests in rental flats, will invest the funds in the acquisition of a 6-7 million-euro building in central Madrid.

Original Story: La Vanguardia / Europa Press

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner