Neinor Withdraws from the Purchase Process of ‘Solvia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios’

28 February 2019 – El Español

Neinor Homes is not going to be one of the candidates that submits an offer to acquire Solvia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios (SDI), the subsidiary of Banco Sabadell. The real estate company has been studying the operation for a while but has concluded, following its initial analysis, that the numbers do not fit with its investment philosophy.

That is according to explanations provided by Neinor’s CEO, Juan Velayos, who acknowledged that he has the sales prospectus on his desk but that at the moment, “it is not a priority” for him. We are talking about a company that has a portfolio of 300 buildable plots and which the bank led by Jaime Guardiola put up for sale in January.

Velayos himself acknowledges that he “loves the portfolio”, but he’s not so convinced by the numbers being seen in the market”. (…). “I’m afraid that it is not going to be for us from the perspective of a disciplined investor”, he said. The first valuations of SDI’s land are in the region of €1.3 billion, given that the portfolio also includes 130 real estate developments in different areas with 5,000 homes under construction.

Indeed, the price of land is one of Neinor’s obsessions. Over the last year, it has purchased 2,400 plots in which it has invested €95 million. Neinor’s CEO believes that his firm has adopted a prudent policy in this regard (…).

As a result, it looks like Neinor will not be one of the candidates to bid for Sabadell’s subsidiary in the end. The bank is awaiting possible expressions of interest for its land company. The intention is to receive binding offers before the end of this quarter and to settle the sale during the month of April.

Interested parties

In terms of the parties that are interested in SDI, they include some of the main international funds such as Cerberus, Värde, Oaktree and Blackstone (…).

The sale of SDI comes after Banco Sabadell sold Solvia, its real estate servicer for €300 million, for which it obtained capital gains of €185 million (…).

Original story: El Español (by Arturo Criado)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Sabadell Puts ‘Solvia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios’ Up for Sale

19 January 2019 – El Periódico 

Banco Sabadell has launched the sales process of Solvia Desarrollos Inmobiliarios (SDIN), the company that owns the bank’s land and which carries out its real estate development projects in Spain. On Friday, the entity placed the sales brochure for the firm in the hands of possible buyers, including international real estate funds, such as Cerberus, Blackstone, Värde and Oaktree, amongst others, according to confirmation provided by real estate sources. The process, regarding which the bank itself has declined to comment, could go on until April. The time necessary for buyers to express their interest and conduct analysis of the company for sale.

The process to sell the development company is beginning just a month after the bank chaired by Josep Oliu completed the sale of 80% of its servicer – real estate manager – to Lindorff Holding Spain, a company that belongs to the Swedish fund Intrum, after it fought off competition from the funds Cerberus and Centricus, which were also bidding for the real estate subsidiary. In that operation, Solvia was valued at €300 million. The price corresponded to 80% of the stake in the company, which could be increased by a maximum amount of €40 million if certain conditions, relating to the performance of some of Solvia’s lines of business, are met. The completion of the operation is scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Maturity period

SDIN is in the maturity period for its sale, according to sources familiar with the operation. The firm has a stock of more than 300 buildable plots, which are worth around €1.2 billion and has almost 130 developments underway across different parts of Spain, with more than 5,000 homes under construction. The size of the portfolio of SDIN, which is led by Francisco Pérez (pictured above), places it in the second league in the sector ranking, just behind the listed property developers, led by Metrovacesa, Neinor, Aedas and Vía Célere. Only Sareb has more assets (…).

Original story: El Periódico (by Max Jiménez)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Gestilar Buys 15,000 m2 of Residential Land in Barcelona

24 October 2018 – Eje Prime

Gestilar is strengthening its commitment to Cataluña. The Spanish property developer has purchased several buildable plots of land in Badalona (Barcelona) measuring 15,644 m2 in total on which to build two new developments containing 130 homes, according to a statement issued by the company.

The project is located on Illa 3 de Marina Badalona and will be developed in two phases: a first, in which 92 homes will be built, and a second, with 38 units. The first development will be called Islas Sagres and will comprise two-, three- and four-bedroom homes. The real estate company plans to hand over the homes in 2021.

Gestilar’s commitment to Cataluña is expanding with this new development in Barcelona’s metropolitan area, the company’s fourth project in the autonomous region. “Cataluña is a market in continuous flux when it comes to real estate assets and there is still a lot of pent-up demand”, said the Director-General of Gestilar, Marta García-Valcárcel.

Before the end of this year, the property developer is going to hand over 150 new homes in Girona and Barcelona. In recent months, the property developer has also acquired new buildable plots in the Barcelona town of Sabadell, as well as in Madrid and Vigo.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake

FS Capital Creates JV with Inmobiliaria Espacio to Build 1,000 Homes

10 April 2018 – Press Release

The new Joint Venture plans to launch in the main cities of the Iberian peninsula to promote its primary residence homes. 

The real estate project has been created with four plots of buildable land, on which construction work will begin in the next few months. 

Inmobiliaria Espacio, a company that has been dedicated to property development for more than 45 years, has today announced the signing of a joint venture agreement with FS Capital, which, through funds that it advises, is planning to build more than 1,000 homes in Spain and Portugal over the next few years.

The Joint Venture is going to be carried out through Espacio Living Homes, the vehicle from which the future residential projects will be constructed. Following the completion of the operation, the funds advised by FS Capital hold 75% of the shares in the aforementioned company, and the remaining 25% stays in the hands of Espacio.

FS Capital, the commercial brand of Principal Advisor EAFI, is an investment advisory company regulated by the CNMV, which specialises in real estate and loan opportunities, amongst others, in Spain and Portugal. FS Capital advises institutional investors with assets worth approximately €300 million and has a team of highly-qualified professionals with extensive investment experience across a wide range of assets, geographies and capital structures.

Inmobiliaria Espacio, with its proven experience in the integral management of real estate assets and provision of advice in processes to plan, manage and build urban developments, as well as to coordinate and manage construction processes; will form, together with FS Capital, the perfect tandem, which will invest up to €400 million in existing land and assets for primary residences, anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula, with no geographical restrictions.

The JV has been created with four buildable plots of land in Madrid, Valladolid and Levante, on which construction work will begin in the next few months.

The process was closed after several candidates were invited to a restricted access process where most of the investors expressed interest in becoming Espacio’s strategic partner for property development. The consultancy firm Aiga Advisory has advised the process since the project began and has made the union of these two companies possible, in collaboration with PwC on the legal side, to cover the entire scope of the operation, which has been closed in record time.

With this new investment, both FS Capital and Inmobiliaria Espacio, consolidate their commitment to the recovery of the sector and to the Iberian peninsula, which they consider is one of the markets with the most potential and the best expectations in terms of development and quality of life for investing in over the next few years.

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CBRE: Valencia Is Running Out of Urban Land

28 February 2018 – El Confidencial

Valencia is running out of urban land that’s ready to develop. The municipal area is running out of batches of “finalist” land after several years of paralysis in the development of new urban planning spaces. The recovery in demand and the credit granted to the sector over the last year have attracted investors and property developers interested in positioning themselves in an urban market. And that of the third capital city of Spain is proving appealing, since prices there are still well below the saturation point that they are experiencing in Barcelona and, above all, in Madrid. Many of the local real estate businessmen from the boom era have filed for liquidation, and so now it is listed property companies, managers backed by large international and domestic funds and new industrial firms with surplus cash, that have taken over the batten to launch new residential projects.

In total, the city has 60 new build projects in process and being marketed, and the forecast is for another 15-20 developments to come onto the market during the course of the year, according to a sector report compiled by the consultancy firm CBRE, which was presented by the Director of the office in Valencia, José Ángel Sospedra, and the Director of New Build properties in Spain, Carlos de Almeida. Interest from property developers has been concentrated in the few neighbourhoods in which there is “finalist” land to be completed: Patraix, Nou Campanar, Malilla Norte and Quatre Carreres. They are areas that were processed during the real estate boom whose development was cut short by the economic crisis and whose plots ended up in the hands of the banks, for the most part, which, in turn, have been placing them with third parties and which have now ended up in the hands of companies such as Neinor, Aedas, Aelca and Q21.

Almost all of the plots are being processed, which is why CBRE expects that within three to five years, the buildable plots for new build properties will have run out. “Due to the current scarcity of available urban land in the city of Valencia, house prices are expected to increase in the medium term. During 2018, demand will focus on developments located inside the city where land is still available, such as Benicalap, Patraix and Moreres. And for the first time since 2008, we will see interest return to the city’s natural areas of expansion and its metropolitan areas, given that the stock of urban land in the city of Valencia will run out within the next 3 or 4 years”, said the bulletin.

Last year alone, the number of transactions increased by 26%, with more than 8,000 homes sold. That figure will grow over the next two years because that is when the new build flats and houses that property developers started to market and promote last year are going to be notarised (…).

The consequence of this phenomenon, in addition to greater interest in areas that are further away from the old town, in settlements in the metropolitan area, is that property developers are starting to become interested in non-finalist areas pending development, such as the PAI del Grao (…) and the undeveloped plots of Fuente de San Luis, close to the new Hospital La Fe (…).

Original story: El Confidencial (by Víctor Romero)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Neinor Homes Had 60 Active Developments During Q1

27 April 2017 – Observatorio Inmobiliario

Neinor Homes accelerated its development activity during the first quarter of 2017 by beginning construction of three developments and launching another seven. By the end of the period, it had 60 active developments, corresponding to almost 4,000 homes, according to a statement made by the Company in the presentation of its quarterly results to the CNMV. The reported margin of the work-in-progress projects was around 22% higher than the Company’s target margin.

Juan Velayos, CEO of Neinor Homes, highlighted that “the company has had a magnificent performance during the first quarter, placing it well on the path to fulfil the objectives for the year. Pre-sales have been exceptionally high in what is traditionally a slow quarter. The acquisition of land is continuing with margins exceeding targets and the company’s development activity is accelerating, focused on protecting the margin. One development was successfully completed and the complementary lines of business are continuing to generate cash to finance the growth of the development activity”.

At the presentation of its quarterly results, Neinor Homes also highlighted the acquisition of seven buildable plots of land for €51.6 million for the construction of almost 700 homes. According to the company, all of the acquisitions have a target margin of around 20%.

The property developer also declared pre-sales worth €116 million, relating to 319 homes during the first quarter. The cumulative pre-sales for the year “exceed expectations by 60% in terms of volume and by 46% in terms of the number of homes. The company recorded a 4.5% increase in prices during the quarter and cumulative pre-sales amounted to €483 million and 1,511 homes”, according to its results report.

Meanwhile, the company reported that “the complementary lines of business are continuing to generate cash to finance the growth of the development activity: legacy sales amounted to €57 million, 1% above their accounting value and 41% above the cumulative forecast for the year. Servicing generated revenues of €6.5 million, 4% higher than the cumulative forecast for the year”.

Original story: Observatorio Inmobiliario

Translation: Carmel Drake