A Businessman from Benalmádena Buys the Military Government Building for €4.5M

18 October 2018 – Diario Sur

The former Military Government building, located at number 6 Paseo de la Farola, no longer belongs to the Ministry of Defence. On 24 September, the deed of sale was signed before a notary whereby this property, constructed in the 1950s and in disuse since the early 1990s, will pass into the hands of a company linked to the Benalmádena-based businessman Antonio González, owner of the 5-star Vincci Aleysa hotel and the Don Gustavo tourist apartments. The Ministry of Defence put the building up for auction for €5 million last year but did not receive any bids for it in the first or second rounds. As such, the lot was opened up to the option of being acquired directly by any interested party at the asking price established in the second round of the auction, and that is what happened in the end.

The property has been purchased for €4,538,987 by the aforementioned businessman behind the Hotel Aleysa in Benalmádena, who has still not explained what he is going to use the building for (…). The property spans a surface area of 2,438 m2, distributed over four floors (the ground and first  floors measure 631.12 m2 each; the second floor spans 597.11 m2 and the third floor measures 202.66 m2) and stands on a plot measuring 1,063 m2, which is classified as for community use, which means that it cannot be used for residential, hotel, commercial or office purposes, unless a modification of the urban development plans can be carried out to modify the use of the plot.

Sources close to the new owner of the property (….) indicate that it is very possible that the building will be renovated and turned into a high-end nursing home for the elderly, in the form of sheltered housing with the corresponding medical and social support. “We think that this is a very good location for that”, said the sources, who admitted that this option would avoid the need to undergo any urban development processes, which could take at least a year and which would force the businessmen to establish some kind of economic or land compensation for the loss of a community space for the city. Another option could be to dedicate the property for use as a private clinic relating to the world of aesthetics and wellbeing, in which other businessmen are also interested.


In any case, the intention of the new owner of the Military Government building is to define his plans over the coming months so that the building can be used once again (…).

Original story: Diario Sur (by Jesús Hinojosa)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Tremón Wants To Invest €300M In Málaga’s Tívoli Amusement Park

13 March 2017 – Diario Sur

The real estate group Tremón is planning to modernise the mythical Tívoli amusement park in Benalmádena, and develop the surrounding area into a retail and leisure complex. The Madrilenian company is looking to create a complex covering more than 152,000 m2, which will include two retail areas to the east of the amusement park, a green space and an underground car park with 2,000 spaces.

The plans, which would involve the transformation of Arroyo de la Miel, would see more than 57,000 m2 of land being dedicated to retail use, a hypermarket, several cinema screens, three office buildings, an auditorium and a hotel. The space dedicated to Tívoli would not change, but the park would be subjected to a comprehensive remodelling process involving the installation of 43 attractions including a space for demonstrating extreme tricks and an artificial snow dome, which would take up almost all of the southern area. The complex, presented as a large theme park, retail and leisure centre, would retain the Tívoli name.

Until now, the ownership of the amusement park has represented the main obstacle preventing this project from being carried out. Tremón bought Tívoli from the businessman Rafael Gómez, known as Sandokán and owner of the company Arenal 2000, in a huge operation that included the sale of 7 million m2 of land spread over thirty-odd properties across Andalucía.

Nevertheless, Gómez claimed that the purchase had not been completed and took the matter to the court for alleged non-payment. That situation led to the paradox that the ownership of Tívoli belonged to Tremón, but the park was still managed by a company linked to the Cordoban businessman, who was recently sentenced to five years in prison for crimes against the Tax Authorities.

According to sources in the know, Tremón has expressed its willingness to go ahead with the project, committing investment of more than €300 million, as soon as the tortuous legal process with Sandokán has come to an end. The proposal has convinced the Town Hall of Benalmádena, which is keen to expedite the administrative process on the basis that the creation of jobs and the economic impact of the complex would constitute a unique opportunity to reactivate the commercial fabric of Arroyo de la Miel. In addition, the Town Hall will pocket a huge amount of money for granting building permits and other tax revenues, which will breathe life into the very empty municipal coffers. (…).

The project would create more than 1,600 direct jobs during the construction phase, which would last for two years, and another 3,300 jobs once operational. (…).

Original story: Diario Sur (by Alberto Gómez)

Translation: Carmel Drake