Aticco Grows in Barcelona and Plans Debut in Madrid for Next Year

24 September 2019 – The Barcelona-based co-working firm Aticco is forecasting total revenues of approximately five million euros this year as it plans to expand to Madrid in 2020. Aticco expects to close out the year with a portfolio of leased space totalling 26,000 square meters. That figure includes its most recently negotiated space: 5,500 m2 at Avenida Josep Tarradellas 123, in Barcelona.

The firm will also open a new 6,300-m2 space at Calle Pallars, 108, this week. The fully leased offices include more than 700 square meters of open areas and common spaces, with a gym, meeting rooms, auditoriums, event spaces and a cafeteria.

Original Story: Eje Prime – Marta Casado Pla

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner