Amazon To Open Logistics Megacentre In Barcelona

15 December 2015 – Expansión

Amazon now officially has a site for the construction of its logistics centre in Cataluña, to serve customers in Southern Europe. Yesterday, the Catalan Land Institute (Incasòl), a body that forms part of the Generalitat, awarded the firm a plot of land in the Mas Blau II industrial estate, in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), near El Prat airport, for €30 million.

The US e-commerce giant did provide any more details about the award, which involves a plot of land measuring 150,808 m2, with a maximum buildable surface area of 210,000 m2.

The company is designing a due diligence to sketch out the project, say sources at Amazon. The agreement is expected to be signed at the end of January, after the prescribed period of one month for the execution of the operation.


This plot of land has been in great demand, given that Incasòl has received offers from other firms in recent months, bidding for the same area as Amazon.

The plot is located in one of the most important economic and industrial areas of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

“The new owners will be allowed to build a ground floor building and add three more floors in order to house the logistics centre plus spaces linked to its main activity: offices, retail and restaurants”, said sources at Incasòl yesterday.

The public body stated that it will be responsible for the construction of the 3.5 km-long underground power line, with a capacity of 15,000 kilowatts, which will involve a total investment of €1.2 million.

Once constructed, this centre will be one of 29 complexes that Amazon owns across seven countries in Europe. The centre in El Prat could become one of the largest – it will be even larger than the centre already in operation in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) – in terms of its capacity to prepare orders.

Amazon is already undertaking work to construct a new centre measuring 45,000 m2, next to its complex in Madrid, which occupies a surface area of 32,000 m2. The company expects to create one thousand jobs over the next three years.

Original story: Expansión (by Tina Díaz)

Translation: Carmel Drake

Amazon To Double The Size Of Its Logistics Centre In Madrid

19 November 2015 – Expansión

The US giant Amazon is going to double the surface area of its logistics centre in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, to 75,000 m2.

Today, Amazon will begin construction of a new warehouse measuring more then 45,000 m2 in San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, adjacent to its current logistics facilities at the site. (…).

The new centre, which will serve customers all over Europe, will begin shipping orders in Q2 2016. (…).

The centre currently occupies a surface area of 32,000 m2, although its storage capacity amounts to 70,000 m2, thanks to the construction of towers that have allowed it to optimise the space. The last of these towers, which added an additional 12,000 m2 of space, was constructed to support Amazon’s entry into the food and cleaning sector this autumn. (…).

Warehouse in Barcelona

Amazon’s logistics capacity in Spain may be further extended with the construction of a warehouse in Barcelona, which will also serve customers all over Europe, especially in the South of the continent. The electronic retail company has submitted a non-binding offer, amounting to €30 million plus IVA, for a site measuring 150,808 m2 in the Mas Blau II industrial estate, in El Prat, which currently belongs to Institut Català del Sòl (Incasòl).

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Blackstone Drives Boom In The Purchase Of Logistics Assets

26 January 2015 – Expansión

Investors spent €620 million on logistics assets in 2014, compared with €100 million in 2013 / The total spend on warehouses amounted to more than €500 million for the first time since 2008.

From €100 million to €600 million in twelve months. That was the trajectory of the investment market in industrial and logistics assets in Spain in 2014.

Interest from large international funds and the launch of Socimis drove the volume of investment in the logistics sector through the roof in 2014, in a similar way to shopping centres. From minimal levels in recent years, the figures have increased sixfold.

According to data published by the property consultant JLL, €620 million was invested in logistical and industrial assets in Spain last year. In 2013, this figure was €100 million. “Investment in these types of assets has exceeded €500 million for the first time since 2008”, comments JLL.

The turnaround has been characterised not only by an increase in the number of transactions, but also in their size. Blackstone closed one transaction amounting to more than €60 million, and another for €132.8 million. “Blackstone closed 35% of all the transactions in the market, followed by the Socimis, which accounted for 36% of total volumes”, highlights the report. In just two years, the US investment fund has acquired a portfolio of logistics assets in Spain covering 600,000 square metres.

The listed property companies Axia Real Estate, Merlin Properties, and Lar España purchased logistics properties worth more than €200 million.

Another example of the boom in the sector is that the asset purchases have not been restricted to the major markets, says the consultancy in its report. “Madrid, Guadalajara and Barcelona continue to be the preferred locations for investors, but cities such as Sevilla, Valencia, Zaragoza and others are also in the mix”. The experts at JLL believe that, over the next few years, the funds with a more opportunistic nature will make way for those that have a more conservative profile.

In the case of recruitment, the numbers did increase with respect to the previous year, but not as significantly as the investment data. Nevertheless, demand for large warehouses, especially those that occupy more than 25,000 square metres, has skyrocketed, as companies such as Amazon and the textile groups realise their need to increase their storage capability in the face of increases in online sales.

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