Agartha Real Estate Debuts on Euronext Access Priced at €1.5/Share

25 July 2019 – Richard D. K. Turner

The socimi Agartha Real Estate, controlled by Agartha Capital, debuted on the Euronext stock exchange priced at 1.5 euros per share, valuing the company at 28 million euros.

Agartha’s activity involves the acquisition of property assets, primary focusing on the development of co-working and co-living activities. The company currently has three property assets located at calle Piedmont 23, Calle Serrano Anguita 13 and Calle Javier Ferrero 10, in Madrid.

Original Story: Eje Prime

Agartha Real Estate Socimi to Debut on the Euronext Access in July

4 June 2019 – Eje Prime

Agartha Real Estate Socimi is getting ready to make its debut on the Euronext Access platform in July, with an estimated valuation of €28 million.

The co-working and co-living specialist will make its debut with a portfolio of three flexible office spaces in Madrid, located on Calle Piamonte, 23, Calle Serrano Anguita, 13 and Calle Javier Ferrero, 10.

The company is owned by the Venezuelan businessman Miguel Ángel Capriles, a relative of the opposition leader Henrique Capriles and director of Abanca.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake