Prologis & Goodman Bid for 24,700 m2 Logistics Plot in Valencia

26 April 2018 – Eje Prime

Giants in the logistics sector are looking to expand their domains in Valencia. Prologis and Goodman have entered the auction for a plot of land spanning 24,700 m2 in the Valencia Logistics Park, also known as PLV. The space is currently owned by the Generalitat Valenciana, which has also put a second industrial plot up for auction, on the same industrial estate and spanning 8,600 m2, for which it has received just one offer.

In total, three other groups have also bid for the largest plot of land up for sale, besides the two international operators, namely: Inversiones y Terrenos Rústicos, VGP Naves Industriales Península and Servicio y Calidad, according to Valencia Plaza.

The five companies are bidding for a plot that the administration has placed on the market offering the option of the purchase and surface area rights, although the Generalitat is going to prioritise offers that express an interest in carrying out an operation over the second point.

After this operation, the Valencian administration will still need to sell 44,600 m2 of logistics land and 16,900 m2 of tertiary land. Moreover, the Generalitat is planning to place another 46,800 m2 of space on the market this year for a concession for a heavy vehicle parking lot on the M2 plot of the logistics park.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake

Junta de Andalucía Awards 6,627m2 of Industrial Land in Jaén

23 March 2018 – 20 Minutos

Specifically, the Junta de Andalucía has sold nine plots of industrial land located on several industrial estates in Alcalá la Real, Arjona, Martos and Torredonjimeno for a total amount of around €0.5 million, according to a statement issued by the Andalucían Government on Friday.

Most of the sales have been recorded in Alcalá la Real, where four plots spanning a surface area of 2,800 m2 on the Llanos del Mazuelo industrial estate have been awarded, which will whereby continue its development with the upcoming installation of new companies and the expansion of existing firms that already operate there.

In Torredonjimeno, three other plots have been awarded, spanning a total surface area of 2,184 m2, whilst in Arjona, one plot measuring 700 m2 has been sold and in Martos, another plot has been sold for the expansion of the Cañada de la Fuente Industrial Estate, spanning 941 m2.

The Minister for Development and Housing, Felipe López, explained that the land sales by the autonomous community were reactivated at the beginning of this legislature, “a decision that aims to place public assets at the disposal of business initiatives for the generation of economic activity and employment”.

According to López, the proceeds that the government has been receiving since the beginning of 2015 for these sales “are allowing the autonomous Administration to look for and generate new plots for future industrial and business uses with the aim of boosting economic development and responding to the growth needs of the production fabric” in the province of Jaén.

Moreover, he highlighted that Jaén leads the ranking for the sale of industrial land in Andalucía to date during this legislature. In total, including the plots that have just been awarded, 96,655 m2 of land has been awarded in the province since 2015 for almost €8 million.

Meanwhile, he added that the first offer for land owned by AVRA this year has resulted in the award of 28,376 m2 in residential and industrial plots right across Andalucía, for a total amount of €5.6 million.

In addition to the plots of industrial land sold in Jaén, the award of land for social housing in Córdoba is also noteworthy, where a plot measuring 4,656 m2, with capacity for 88 homes, has been divested for €1.7 million.

Moreover, a free residential plot, spanning 15,450 m2 and with capacity for 86 homes in the Malagan municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, was sold for a price of €3.1 million. In addition, another free residential plot for 10 homes was also sold in the Cordoban municipality of Obejo, for €103,500.

The sale that has just been completed was opened on 26 January and remained open for the presentation of offers until 1 March. The offer, the first in 2018 involving the sale of industrial, tertiary and non-residential land, as well as residential plots and other real estate assets, contained almost 900,000 m2 spread over 772 plots across all of Andalucía’s provinces.

The residential plots that were included in this sale have capacity for 3,060 homes, of which 1,437 are social housing in nature and the remainder are for free/private development.

Original story: 20 Minutos

Translation: Carmel Drake

Andalucía Auctions 16,000 m2 Of Land For Residential & Industrial Use

31 October 2017 – Inmodiario

The Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Development and Housing has awarded almost 16,000 m2 of regional land to residential and industrial development in the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Málaga, for a sales price of €2.2 million. This operation forms part of the third offer made in 2017, for the sale of land and other assets, by the Agency for Housing and Rehabilitation (AVRA).

In the tender for the sale of land allocated for social housing use, two plots have been awarded. One of them is located in the O3 sector of Córdoba, known as Huerta Santa Isabel, with a surface area of 2,197 m2 and space for 39 homes. The award price of that land amounted to €698,175. The other plot is located in the Malagan town of Algarrobo with a surface area of 4,092 m2 and space for 48 homes. The award price, in that case, amounted to €563,960.

All of the industrial land is located in the province of Jaén, with a total combined surface area of 9,428 m2 and a sales price of €615,723. The plots sold are located in the municipalities of Alcalá la Real, Martos and Linares.

With this initiative, the Ministry of Development and Housing is seeking to place its public land assets at the disposal of the production fabric of the region with the aim of boosting economic activity and generating employment, allowing for residential and industrial development (…).

Through this operation, the autonomous Administration will also take advantage of the revenues generated from the sales to continue allocating resources to its housing policy, in particular, to help the most vulnerable families and those less able of accessing a home (…).

Original story: Inmodiario

Translation: Carmel Drake

Andalucian Gov’t May Exercise Withdrawal Of Eviction Orders

22 June 2015 – Europa Press

At their first meeting on Friday, Susana Diaz’s new Executive Board approved the launch of the proposed draft bill for the withdrawal of evictions, which will allow the Government to exercise the right of withdrawal in the case of mortgage foreclosures conducted over free (non-subsidised) housing by financial institutions.

The decision was announced by Manuel Jiménez Barrios, the Vice-President of the Government and Minister for the Presidency and Local Government, at a press conference. He explained that the Government may exercise the right of first refusal on purchasing homes or buildings that are subject to mortgage foreclosure or the settlement and payment of mortgage-back debt.

“With the legal alternative of withdrawal, our main objective is to obtain social housing for rent, in order to provide a solution for families that have been deprived of their homes as a result of the eviction process”, said the Vice-President of the Government.

Jiménez Barrios insisted that that Andalucian Government is pursuing a “triple objective”, namely: to enable affected families to stay in their homes; to increase the Government’s stock of public residential housing linked to social policies; and to ensure that there is sufficient supply in the hands of the Administration aimed at vulnerable people and those with special difficulties.

The Vice-President also said that the aforementioned legislation will be rooted in the approval of the Regional Housing Plan, which is now in its final stages; according to his estimates, it will be approved “within the next three months”.

The draft bill also amends the penalty regime in terms of social housing in order to strengthen the protection for consumers on the buy-side of transactions. (…).

The bill establishes the creation of withdrawal areas, where the Government may intervene and whose limits are defined in the Regional Housing Plan. These geographical areas are determined on the basis of the economic situation of resident families, demand for housing, the characteristics of the properties and the historical incidence of evictions in those areas. On an exceptional basis and where duly justified, the withdrawal formula may be applied elsewhere as well.

Moreover, the Regional Housing Plan will specify the socio-economic criteria that people affected by evictions must fulfil to activate intervention by the Administration. Once the withdrawal has been exercised, the affected persons will have the right of first refusal to rent the property that has been their habitual residence. (…).

Original story: Europa Press

Translation: Carmel Drake