The portfolio, valued at €146 million, was compound of more than a thousand of houses distributed over 36 residential blocks of an average age of 4 years. They are located in Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla – León, Catalonia and Galicia, together with parking lots and storage rooms, apart from the ongoing building works (6 housing developments under construction) and land (four plots). Altogether, they occupy 351.555 m².

The transaction gave way to a new FAB (the Fund for Banking Restructuring), in which SAREB had a small holding. The sale was coordinated by KPMG.

Several investors had demonstrated their willingness to take part – Fortress and Blackstone among them – before September 20th when the deadline for non-binding offers expired.


Sareb has transferred a vast part of “Teide” portfolio, consisting of 6400 units of residential houses, garages and storage rooms.The operation was carried out via a FAB in December 2013, in majority held by Fortress. The new FAB was registered in the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores – the National Stock Market Commission in Spain).  According to the agreement´s terms and conditions, the FAB´s properties were to be managed by Grupo Lar, a firm that also skimmed a small stake in the vehicle.

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