ANETO01-2015-Loan portfolio--Blackstone237-39 non-performing loans
MERIDIAN01-2015Loan portfolioLoansCerberus130Loans guaranteed by 25 hotels
SINGLE TRANSACTION01-2015-11 PlotsLands-CP Amenabar64-For the constructing of 420 dwellings, offices and shopping centre in Madrid
SINGLE TRANSACTION01-2015-Office buildingGallina Blanca-Colonial10,4-a 4.869 square meter office area and 68 parking spaces
AGATHA12-2014-38 LoansLoans-Hayfin Capital Management194-38 loans guaranteed by 29 buildings
AGATHA12-2014-10 developmentDwellings-D.E. Show65-Rented dwellings
OLIVIA12-2014-7 LoansLoans-Hayfin Capital Management140-7 loans guaranteed by dwellings and retails in the Valencia province.
SINGLE TRANSACTION12-2014-Hotel loansLoans-Cerberus200-Hotel loans
SINGLE TRANSACTION12-2014-Lands-Inmobiliaria del SurNA-Polt in Seville
PAMELA08-2014-23 Loans guaranteed by some twenty residential propertiesLoans-Canyon Capital Advisor198-Residential building sare used for renting and are located in the Madrid region
KAPLAN07-2014Loans1000Loans guaranteed by residential assets and plots
CROSSOVER 05-201435017 PlotsLands05-2014-57,6FAB MAYLocation: Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Baleares
CROSSOVER 05-20143508 Developable lands and plotsLands12-2014-43FAB CROSSOVER ILocation: Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante
INDIGO01-2014-Medium-size CRE LoansWalls operation01-2014Deutsche Bank 1005 loans with offices and hotels as collateral
KLAUSS01-201489Performing loans worth €68 million, and a €20,5 million bilateral loan04-2014Hayfin Capital Management70*performing loan portfolio
DORIAN11-2013-822 subsidized houses and 1337 attached600 subsidized houses and 1200 attached01-2014Blackstone43,1
TEIDE10-2013146100 nearly new housesDwellings12-2013Fortress - Blackstone - Other-FAB 2013 TEIDEFunds managed by Grupo Lar
CROSSOVER 10-2013350Developable land and plotsLands06-2014Castlelake80Location: Mad,Bcn, Alicante, Balearic Islands
PARAMOUNT10-20133835 luxury houses----Prices between < €1 million and €3 million
ABACUS09-201335030 CRE Loans with tiertiary RE as collateralCRE Loans11-2013Deutsche Bank 23330 credits
CORONA09-20131407 office buildingsBuildings12-2013-80FAB CORONA4 out of 7 items offered initially
BLUE09-2013-Turism resortsDwellings--Apartments in residential areas for summer holidays rent and sale
OPPORTUNITY09-2013-90.500 credits and SMEs´ loans---194*Debt reduction plan through outstanding debt forgiveness for SMEs
HARVEST09-2013-35 rural land units out of 6300 hectaresLands01-2014Unknown-Purchase of 2000 hectares
RUNNER08-2013> 35 Holding in Parque Corredor Shopp Cent----
BULL06-201320038 finished developmentsBull08-2013HIG100FAB BULL49 % Sareb - 51 % HIG
BERMUDAS06-20131200CRE LoansCRE Loans05-2013-35Metrovacesa´s credits
BERMUDAS06-20131200CRE LoansColonial operation05-2013Davidson Kempner Capital245Colonial´s syndicated loans
BERMUDAS06-20131200CRE LoansCRE Loans05-2013Deutsche Bank902 credits belonging 2 principal RE companies
BERMUDAS06-20131200CRE Loans Elora Operation05-2013-437Realia Business´s syndicated credit holding
BERMUDAS06-20131200CRE LoansFado Operation05-2013-80,52 credits belonging Metrovacesa

Units: € million
* nominal value of the loans