The entities that confirmed having transferred the assets served as main service providers or asset management and commercialization servicers at price and sale terms and conditions specified by Sareb.

There are three different sale channels :

Retail Channel

This sort of sales are currently carried out within the commercial network of the awarded entities. Sareb gambles on diversifying the channel so that the asset marketing efficiency could be improved.

This channel is targeted at small investors and dwelling purchasers. The servicers have focused on the house and attached (garages and storage rooms) units through their own sales channels, which are:

• Various website platforms (both own and servicers´ like the key independent real estate portals).
•  Servicers´ business network.
• Independent agents´ (usually Real Estate Agents) commercial network under direct management of servicers.

Direct sales – Unique assets

They are special feature assets (i.e. syndicated loans, land operations, offices, trade premises) that require direct sale by Sareb.

Sareb has also created a direct sales channel. The beginning point was centered on marketing of the assets that due to their volume or physical characteristics, such as location or any other, could be considered as single assets.

Basic investor typology in reference to single asset sales points mainly at medium-size or specialized in a specific field firms, family offices and developer companies. The operations may be well conducted by the direct sales or by creation of  investment vehicles like FAB.

Wholesale channel

Sareb sells asset lots and portfolios to institutional investors in order to shed the awarded assets.

Specific portfolios have been created (new construction residential assets, offices, tourism resorts, etc.) attractive for a certain demand due to their possibility to add value, taxation, etc.

Wholesale channel is intended for institutional or large investors (like, for instance,international hedge funds), because of the size of marketed portfolios.