Zaragoza’s Torre Village Outlet Will Open its Doors at End of 2018

1 December 2017 – Eje Prime

The Pikolin outlet complex has taken its first few steps. On Friday, the Town Hall of Zaragoza definitively approved the Torre Village urbanisation project, whereby firing the starting gun for the construction work to begin on the retail complex, which is going to be built on the site of the former mattress factory. The project has also been declared of regional interest by the General Council of Aragón.

Torre Village is starting to take shape after the Solans family, owner of Pikolin, put the idea (of the outlet complex) on the table at the beginning of 2015. The centre is expected to open its doors during the final quarter of 2018.

The next step is for Grupo Iberebro, the property developer behind Torre Village, to prepare a specific plan for the Ministry of Development, including analysis of the complex’s access routes and consideration of possible objections that its development may generate.

Torre Village will be the first outlet in the Valle del Ebro. With a surface area of 66,000 m2, the shopping centre will contain fashion stores, a restaurant area, cinemas, leisure activities and a space dedicated to cultural activities and concerts, along with 2,000 parking spaces. The retail area will house ninety shops.

The new complex aspires to welcome visitors from Aragón, País Vasco, La Rioja, Navarra, Soria, Lleida and the South of France. Investment in the project will amount to €60 million and around 1,000 direct jobs will be created as a result. The future economic impact of the complex is calculated to amount to €342.2 million per year.

Original story: Eje Prime 

Translation: Carmel Drake