Vodafone Spain is about to relocate over than 2.400 employees to its new headquarters

One of the biggest relocations of the year in Madrid is on. As from next 27th of January the first 750 employees will be transferred to the new headquarters of the company, located at the junction of Avenida de America 115 and M-40. Over the following weeks the rest of the employees will be removed, in total 2.400, who till now have been working separately at the headquarters of Fuencarral and the one in Moraleja.

The new headquarters is one of the biggest business complexes of Madrid, with five buildings, with a central courtyard and a surface of 50.000 square meters. Vodafone agreed on the rent of the center at the beginning of 2013 with Solvia, the real estate of Banco Sabadell, owner of the complex. Reyal Urbis was the previous owner. Vodafone decided to move in order to bring together all its employees in only one center and therefore to reduce its expenses and make the efficiency better.

Moreover, in this headquarters, the telecom wants to promote new technologies and also to apply them in the new ways of work. So the headquarters will have a big WiFi network, eliminating all wires excluding those of the electricity. The facilities, similarly, will have mobile coverage 4G.

In the center the seats are not going to be numbered so that the work in different places can be favored depending on the need or task at each moment. At the end of the shift, the employee must leave the seat, previously occupied, clean.

Among the new ways of work, Vodafone wants to promote the use of tools such as the videoconference or other applications of unified communications. By doing so the company tries to reduce the time spent in meetings on the improvement of the efficiency in day-to-day operations.

In addition, the telecom will provide a high-tech Demo center to any company .Vodafone explains that: “We want to be an icon of how one can work with the technologies that we offer.”

The headquarters will have 1.500 parking areas. Likewise, Vodafone will start a new service of shuttles from Chamartín in order to facilitate the access to its employees. Nevertheless, the company highlights that the new headquarters offers a better access to public transportation: metro, bus lanes close to M-40 and the main road of Barcelona.

The center includes a 512 place dining room, apart from a kitchen and a cafeteria service (it will be a second one for 63 persons). In each floor of each building there will be a room with vending machines. According to labor union sources, the company has an open contest to vending suppliers.

Within its technology implementation, Vodafone will enable the technology NFC for payments inside the building along with the current systems.

The headquarters will provide medical care, a shop open to the public, a rest area for pregnant women and a multi-purpose room for different activities. Vodafone is considering the possibility of installing a travel agency.