Villar Mir Grabs 0.24% More of Colonial

14/11/2014 – Expansion

Grupo Villar Mir has paid its way deeper into Colonial’s stake. The company chaired by Juan Miguel Villar Mir (pictured), already holding 24.4% majority share in the real estate firm, has bought eight million shares more for €4.5 million total, representing a 0.24% stake.

Second main shareholder of Colonial is the Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund, Qatar Investment Authority (13.1%), followed by Amura Capital (a sicav of MoraBanc) with 7.05% and Aguila (Santo Domingo) with 6.5%.

The Balance

In the nine first months of 2014, Colonial obtained a net profit of €563 million, while a year earlier it lost €369 million during the same period of time. The improvement was a result of deconsolidation of its bad bank, Asentia.

The income proceeding from rentals declined 1.2% to €158 million. During the three past quarters, Colonial has signed lease contracts on 93.860 square meters, with totally new agreements accounting for 53%. Net recurring profit of the firm showed €12.9 million (€1.7 million in 2013). Presently, shares of Colonial sell at 0.579 euros each.


Original article: Expansión (by M. Anglés)

Translation: AURA REE