• Transaction / Assets
    Plaza de la Merced, 22, Málaga
  • Seller
  • Buyer
    Orinoquia Real Estate
  • € MM

Venezuelan Investors Buy a Building in Málaga to Convert it into Tourist Apartments

30 January 2019 – Diario Sur

Operations involving the sale and purchase of buildings in the Historic Centre of Málaga, driven by the tourist boom in the capital, are continuing to rise. At the beginning of this month, this newspaper revealed the sale of the former Casa del Niño Jesús building to the company White Málaga, a group of investors of Jewish origin, who have set their signs on the city for the development of real estate projects, encouraged by the recovery of the market and advised by the consultancy firm Salvago Advisors. All indications are that that property, which used to be owned by the Church, is going to become a project for tourist apartments, like the many others that are already operating or being constructed in the Centre.

And the same thing looks set to happen to the building located at number 22 Plaza de la Merced, on the northern corner with Calle Victoria. According to reliable sources, that property has been acquired by the company Orinoquia Real Estate, which is backed by investors from the Capriles group, a family saga of Venezuelan businessmen living in Spain with million-euro investments in the country’s major capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. This sale and purchase operation, whose amount has not been disclosed, has been managed by the real estate consultancy Savills Aguirre Newman (…). .

According to sources consulted by this newspaper, the plan is to convert the property into tourist apartments, which could be operational within just four months. The same sources reveal that the project to refurbish the building, which is in a good condition, is very advanced and the new owners are just waiting for the building permit to be granted by the Town Hall.

The building has a grade 1 listing protection and forms part of the northern façade of the Plaza de la Merced, which makes up the so-called Casas de Campos. The property dates back to the 19th century and bears the name of its builder, the promoter of the era, Antonio Campos (…).

Economic injection

This apartment project is going to be carried out by the Socimi (…) Orinoquia Real Estate, in which the Capriles injected an initial investment of €40 million to develop businesses in the first-rate tourist apartment sector.

The real estate business of the Capriles family in Spain comprises luxury housing development and renovation projects, although it is also worth highlighting their €5 million investment in the Bluemoon tourist apartments in the centre of Valencia. Their corporate network in the country is made up of more than twenty companies dedicated to real estate development, the sale and purchase of buildings and rental. Together, they have assets amounting to €125 million in total, according to information published in recent months (…).

Original story: Diario Sur (by Jesús Hinojosa)

Translation: Carmel Drake