Urbem Negotiates 35 Million Debt With Banco Santander

21/01/2014 – El Mundo

 Urbem real estate, right now in creditors´arragment process, is negotiating with Santander the 35 million debt, representing around a half of the company´s liabilities.

Its managing director, José Pastor, believes that the present situation shall be assigned to the mortgages of the dwellings without a purchaser after they had been finished (about 150 units). (…).

Apart from Santander, the company has got a debt with Sareb of 10 million Euros preceding from Banco de Valencia.

José Pastor complains that “(…) I do not know who should I talk to, what to do”. He declared his company for the creditor arragments on the January 16th (…). Pastor also is a creditor to his patrimony company Regesta Regum due to capital enlargements (…).

Original article: El Mundo (EFE)

Translation: AURA REE