UCI & Concovi Publish a Home Renovation Guide focused on Energy Efficiency Criteria

22 April 2020 – Brainsre.news

This is an informative project that describes the keys behind the energy-efficient renovation of properties. The guide is aimed at current and future homeowners as well as real estate professionals.

The guide explains everything from the types of homes based on their energy efficiency to the passive and active measures for the good maintenance of an indoor temperature and for an efficient and effective energy consumption. This translates into savings on household spending, which is especially necessary now that we are all spending more time at home.

The initiative has been launched by the Green division of UCI, the Union of Real Estate Loans, an entity specialising in residential financing, together with CONCOVI (the Confederation of Housing and Rehabilitation Cooperatives in Spain). It is supported by IDAE (the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) and the City Council of Barcelona, which have launched the Home Renovation Guide in favour of energy efficiency.

Original Story: Brainsre.news

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake