UBS Grabs a 5.22% Shareholding in Axia Real Estate

13/10/2014 – Expansion

UBS has increased to 5.22% its stake in Axia Real Estate, a share estimated to be currently worth of €18 million. The percentage corresponds to 1.88 million shares of the Socimi (a Reit firm in Spain).

Axia, a Socimi developed by Luis Lopez de Herrera Oria, has been picked by such big-name investors as Perry Partners International (a 29.162% stake), T. Rowe Price Associates (10%) and THS (11.109%).

Also, several banks bought a share in Axia Real Estate, namely Barclays Bank (4.214%), Citigroup (9.1%), Deutsche Bank (3.9%) and JP Morgan (5.8%).

At the end of September, Axia acquired a real estate asset portfolio, backed by Spanish properties located within the Community of Madrid, for €99.5 million. The purchase included office buildings, logistics hubs, a retail park and parking spaces.

By closing the transaction, Axia has spent around €170 million in two months, representing 47% of all the equity raised at its July flotation.


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