Two Skyscrapers to Replace the Vicente Calderón Atlético Stadium

3/07/2014 – El Confidencial

The Vicente Calderón Stadium will never be the same. Two 36-apartment towers, eight blocks and a park will substitute the Atlético de Madid´s stadium that will change its address to the La Peineta district in 2016. Within less than 10 years, skyscrapers taller than the Torre de Madrid will stand on the terrain formerly occupied by the stadium which will be soon demolished.

The capital´s City Council approves today the Partial Plan of Internal Reform of the Mahou-Calderón area, as it includes the old beer factory of Mahou. The document establishes the terms and conditions for the area development and allows transformation of the current destination of the plot (sports and industry) into residential, tertiary, dotational and green areas.

In contrast to the original arrangements, due to recession and town planning and legal troubles, finally two towers will stand on the Calderón plot (earlier a park) and fewer buildings on the land which belonged to Mahou, surrounded by green area. Moreover, the operation assumes undergrounding the M-30 ring road, currently crossing the area along the Manzanares river. Also, total developeable land of the plot is equal to 175.365 square meters (coefficient: 0.85 per each square meter of the plot).

The area occupies 204.218 square meters situated in the heart of the Arganzuela district and delimitated by the broadwalks of Pontones, Imperial and Virgen del Puerto, the Alejandro Dumas Street and the riverbed. Nearly 55% of the plot (111.921 m2) is assigned as public ownership of dotational nature. Around 30% of it (61.251 m2) belongs to Mahou, whereas the remaining 15% (31.046 m2) to the Atlético de Madrid football club.

Once developed, less than a quarter of the land (23.5%, 48.054 m2) will be intended for the allotted buildings development, while the rest (156.164 m2) will be granted for public dotations, green zones included.

The green areas and the riverbank promenade will be available to wider public, offering sports facilities and other amenities.


Original article: El Confidencial 

Translation: AURA REE