Residential Sales Exceeded €51,852M In Total In 2015

14 March 2016 – Expansión

In this way, the amount of funds changing hands in the market for unsubsidised housing in 2015 continued the positive trend that it recovered in 2014, the year that saw the end of three consecutive years of decreases.

In the market for unsubsidised homes in Spain, €51,853.6 million changed hands in 2015, which represented an increase of 10.3% compared with the previous year (€47,022.1 million).

In addition, investment in housing returned to its 2011 levels, when €50,924.4 million was moved in the market and recorded the highest figure since 2010,when €80,782.2 million changed hands. The figure of €51,852.6 million corresponds to 382,691 transactions involving unsubsidised homes that were closed in 2015, up by 10.2% compared with a year earlier (347,170).

Specifically, sales involving second-hand unsubsidised homes amounted to €44,842.9 million (up by 12.9%), whilst sales involving new build homes were significantly lower, amounting to just €7,010.7 million (down by -3.8%).

Madrid was the region where the highest volume of transactions involving unsubsidised homes was recorded in 2015, with €10,103 million. Next in the ranking came Andalucía (€9,130.2 million), Cataluña (€9,387.9 million) and Valencia (€6,180.7 million).

Those regions were followed by the Balearic Islands (€2,857 million), País Vasco (€2,783.1 million), the Canary Islands (€2,217.4 million), Castilla y León (€1,616.4 million), Galicia (€1,514 million), Murcia (€1,188.8 million), Aragón (€1,178.7 million) and Castilla-La Mancha (€1,078.6 million).

Meanwhile, the regions where least money changed hands in the unsubsidised housing sector were: Asturias (€641.8 million), Cantabria (€590 million), Navarra (€527.6 million), Extremadura (€425.7 million), La Rioja (€299.7 million) and Ceuta and Melilla (€132.8 million between the two).

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Translation: Carmel Drake