The Plans Progress for Málaga’s La Térmica Site

9 January 2018 – Málaga Hoy

The real estate operation that is going to transform the plot of land that used to house the thermal power plant in Málaga capital is advancing through all of the administrative procedures that need to be resolved for the organisation of the 874 homes, office buildings, hotel and retail spaces that are being planned for one of the most strategic blocks of land in the city.

So much so that sources close to the initiative, boosted by the international investment fund Ginkgo, have reported that the final proposal for the Special Plan for the Internal Renovation (Peri), the document that will form the basis of the future development, has already been sent to the Urban Planning Department.

That is a critical step after the previous plans were blocked by the courts. Even before receiving a definitive legal ruling, the property developer, which shares ownership of almost half of the urban development of the sector with Espacio (the other half is in the hands of the Town Hall), opted to activate a comprehensive review of Peri, in an attempt to accelerate the process.

Once in the hands of the municipal technicians, the Town Hall will have to validate the proposed plans initially, before subsequently opening up the analysis to a series of sector bodies, such as the General Directorate of Coasts, Civil Aviation, the Environment, amongst others.

The design of the buildings was awarded by Ginkgo to the French architecture studio Francois Leclercq. Unlike the model for the towers that are going to be constructed on an adjoining plot (…), the vision proposed by the French designers involves low-rise properties and a sustainable model in terms of the environment.

The studio itself highlights the strategic value of the space on which the buildings will be constructed, describing it as “an area that is in full mutation and which is marked by an industrial past”, which is reflected in the maintenance of the chimney (…).

Original story: Málaga Hoy (by Sebastián Sánchez)

Translation: Carmel Drake